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Abundio is a one of the fitness centres in Fort Worth that offers private lessons and group fitness classes. It is located at It is located at 2927 Shamrock Ave Fort Worth, TX 76107, Northside. It was established in the year 2010 and was formerly known as The Karate Centre, which had been in the business since 1991. Abundio fitness centre is owned by Abundio M.

Abundio M. is a fitness expert that had had over 30 years in the fitness industry.  Abundio fitness studio has upscale customer service and has been providing quality fitness programs in many locations. Theri programs include SurgeCycle, Indoor Spinning Studio, Cardio Boxing, TRX Resistance  System, Personal Training, Nutritional Guide, Cardio Sculp, weight training, Beyond Barre, TKO Cardio Kickboxing, Private lessons and so on. Abundio is family owned and they pride themselves in the kind of unique personal relationship they form with their clients.

Aly G. from Wedgwood, Fort Worth, TX said he is the type that easily get bored with the same type of workout class and the same routine but  he reported that he absolutely love the different kinds of workout techniques at Abundio fitness centre. Not only that, he as well enjoyed the speed and tempo and the studio is so well kept and clean that he feels safe there. He also loved the instructors because he mentioned that they are wonderful.

Kimi S. from Fort Worth, TX thinks Abundios is awesome. He reported that he has been working out there for over a year now and what attracted her to the place was the fact that everyone there are absolutely friendly and genuine. He also mentioned that the place is very clean and the trainers are knowledgeable.

Hannah W. from Fort Worth, TX, in her review of Abundio fitness centre, said she loves the place. She also mentioned that the size of the gym is wonderful and has so many classes hat you can choose from. She also mentioned that the staff is great, nice and welcoming.

You can contact Abundio fitness centre on (817) 885-8900 or visit their website at www.abundiosstudio.com to learn more.

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