The Renegade Diet – Is It The Best?

Can you really lose weight and build muscle mass with Jason Ferrugia’s Renegade Diet’s concept of intermittent fasting? How can you be sure this Renegade Diet will work for you?

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Have you been surfing the internet for an honest review of Jason Ferrugia’s Renegade Diet? Then you are most welcome to this review page today, where you will be able to learn everything you need to know about the Renegade Diet.

As we all know that losing fat and gaining a lean muscle is very important when it comes to getting a perfect body.

There are already lots of conflicting and overwhelming information everywhere on how to lose weight, stay in shape, lose belly fat and build muscle mass; magazines, nutritionist, on internet and guidebooks from experts.

Renegade diet - intermittent fasting

So, people still tend to be skeptical whenever a new and popular weight loss diet is introduced, despite the credibility of the author.

Such case is that of Jason Ferrugia’s Renegade Diet and lots of questions from our readers concerning the program have sprung our review team into action, which results in this Renegade Diet review.

Does the Renegade Diet guide work at all? Does the program have anything new to offer?

Jason claims that the diet will help you achieve weight loss and muscle gain at the same time, all in a diet. How does that sound to you? Well, a lot of people find this strange.

For a nutrition plan to work, there is a need for it to be simple and be able to fit and work with your lifestyle as well. It shouldn’t be the one that will be full of harsh rules and at the same time, you must be able to eat your favorite foods as well. That’s what Jason’s book is all about.

About Jason Ferrugia

Jason Ferruggia is an expert in the field or nutrition and fitness. He is also the Chief Training Adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine. So far, he has spent 20 years in the fitness industry. He has also trained hundreds of clients.

Jason has authored hundreds of articles for many magazines and websites, such as MMA Sports Mag, Men’s Health, Maximum Fitness and Men’s Health among several others. From all his experience in the industry, he has gathered a lot of life-changing information, which he shared in his book, the Renegade Diet.

This book is a result of many years of work and experimentations. JasonFerrugia is an expert when it comes to advising men and women on weight management and getting attractive physics.

Although many people find it hard to believe that you can achieve weight loss and muscle building simply with diet, the Renegade diet will prove to them how possible that is.

The Renegade diet
What Exactly Is The Renegade Diet?

The Renegade Diet is a comprehensive diet guidebook program that is designed to help you achieve fitness in the most convenient way possible. It is a program that is created to help achieve weight loss and muscle gain at the same time.

Although most people might think it is hard to achieve both, the renegade diet has made it possible to achieve everything is an easy way. The Renegade diet comes as an eBook, which you can gain access to on the internet directly.

The eBook comprises of an adequate amount of carbohydrate, which will be ideal for you to take based on the level of fat that is present in your body. Not only that, but the Renegade Diet will also be your guide when it comes to how long you have to take the diet in order to achieve the best result possible.

Download the Renegade Diet pdf by Jason Ferrugia

Click here to download the Renegade Diet Guidebook by Jason Ferrugia

How Does The Renegade Diet Work?

This is how the Renegade Diet works. You are required to fast for 14 to 16 hours every day and under eat for 4 hours. During this period, you will not have to eat any carbohydrates except vegetables after which you will overeat for 4 hours at night and this time, you can eat carbohydrates.

Generally, the diet requires that you skip breakfast and you can eat lightly during the day time, whereby your meal can consist of protein, fat and moderate intake of vegetable without carbohydrates and consumption of fruits. Then at night time, you can overeat and have as many carbohydrates as you want.

Jason Ferrugia Renegade Diet Pdf free download

Phases That Constitute The Renegade Diet Program

  1. Fasting Phase

Fasting phase is the first stage of Jason Ferruggia program. According to research findings, it is after 18 hours of fasting that the optimal fat burning starts to happen in the body.

But when it gets to this particular level, the risk of a person losing becomes high. This is why the period of fasting for a person should not be more than16 hours. This is why the first phase of Jason’s fitness method focuses on that.

You are made to skip certain meals which include your breakfast. This phase of the program is created in order to make your digestive organism function very well.

2. Under Eating Phase

This is the second phase of Jason Ferrugia’s program. During this undereating phase, you are required to eat a series of light foods which could include protein (20 to 35 grams), vegetables and fat (10 to 15 grams).

Some boiled eggs and lean ground beef are suitable for this phase. This will help you to achieve fat loss and proper digestion. This phase also takes up to 4 hours interval.

3. Over Eating Phase

This is the last phase of Jason’s program where you can eat whatever you like and this last for only 4 hours. The phase is also aimed at helping you amend your eating habits.

You do not have to go through this third phase on your own as well, as Jason has a guided approach on how exactly you should go about that, which is the ‘Renegade Recipe Guide‘.

This guide consists of 134 perfect plant-based recipes.  This overeating phase will be what you will be looking forward to every day as far as this Renegade diet is concerned and as long as you are on this particular diet program for the Renegade Diet.

With this third phase, your insulin sensitivity to the muscles will be much higher, and as a result, your muscle growth will be stimulated in a greater way. It is also recommended that before you start the overeating phase, you should have a cup of hot natural lemon juice ready as this will increase acid levels in your stomach in order to make digestion faster.

Renegade diet users testimonies

 What Is The Renegade Guide All About?

The Renegade Diet guide is the one that is designed to target stubborn ugly fat on your chest, glutes, hips, and belly once and for all. This guide by Jason Ferrugia is a well-structured plan on how to get rid of excess body fats and acquire a toned and lean muscle as well.

The author has made sure that all the strategy and guidelines in this book are the one that can give you a permanent result and testimony on your quest for weight loss.

Till now, most people still believe the only way to effectively get rid of excess fat in the body is by cardio or visiting gym and exhausting exercise movements.

Why would you want o waste tones of money on a monthly gym membership when you can actually achieve your dream body within a short period of time with healthy and nutritious diets that have been proven to work, considering people’s testimony about a diet guide like Jason Ferrugia’s. 

the renegade diet pdf review

Weight gain is a prevailing experience that is really common and everybody involved in this are trying their best to get rid of it and get into proper shape, if not for their appearance but for the consequence it could have on their health.

There are many guides and diet plan everywhere in the magazine, internets and even books that claim to have the ability to resolve this problem people want to get rid of, but this Renegade Diet has a completely different approach to achieving that.

This is the first diet plan that I have come across, which has been tested and proven to help people lose weight and at the same time help to build muscle. The renegade diet guidebook has proven a professional approach and has been able to help people to successfully achieve fitness record.

The guidebook focuses on great and healthy dieting habit and the type of food recipe that will keep the body in an attractive shape which anyone would be the confidence of.

The better part is that you do not have to let go of your favorite foods in the process, but it will strategically help you to make use of those favorite foods of your to achieve your dream body.

Renegade diet pdf free downlaod


renegade diet testimonials

Who Is The Renegade Diet For?

The following are the kind of people that will benefit from Jason Ferrugia’s guide:

The Renegade diet

Details Of The Renegade Diet Guidebook

One of the biggest benefits of the Renegade Diet is the fact that it is designed to gain muscle without getting fat in the process. So far, this guide seems to be the most effective diet plan on building lean muscle that you can follow.

There are many sections in the Renegade Diet that not only discuss both weight loss and muscle gain at length but also teach and educate you on how to adjust the two in order to achieve your goal in building your dream body.

The Renegade Diet also works for vegetarians as well and there have been testimonies from people like that as well about the Renegade Diet. This guide addressed all that.

Another good thing about this guide is that it does not involve you buying any supplement for it to work. But if you want to make use of supplements in order to enhance the effect of the diet, then it completely up to you.

And Jason Ferrugia has also made recommendations of a few powerful supplements that you can use for that if you decide to.

The Renegade Diet also works for both male and female, so anybody can benefit from this guide. According to Jason, there are several women as his clients in his gym and online coaching programs as well.

The women have found the program effective in the aspect of losing stubborn fat in the areas of the body where fat is hard to lose like the belly, glutes, and hips, something most other diets fail to target successfully.

The Renegade Diet is not a low carb diet. According to Jason, low carb diets aren’t good enough. Therefore, you are encouraged to eat more carbs, so as to burn more fat in the body and at the same time build more muscle with workouts that are better.

From the testimonies of people that have switched from the traditional way of eating over to the Renegade Diet, it has been made known that the Renegade Diet is by far the easiest diet plan that someone can follow.

The guide comes with freedom and it is also convenient to use, with no stress involved. Another great thing about the Renegade Diet is that it allows you to eat your favorite foods without you destroying your diet in the process.

The guide does not involve shipping, and no waiting is required. It is a digital product that you can download. The Renegade Diet has been designed in such a way that its result will start to be visible in the 48 hours and more physical changes will be noticed in the first week of making use of the Renegade Diet.

get ripped with the renegade diet
Educative Part Of The Renegade Diet

Jason Ferrugia also uses the Renegade Diet guide to educate people on diet as well. In the Renegade Diet guide, you will learn so many things about the diet that is entirely different from what you have been made to believe in the past. Some of the things you will learn include:

Instant access to Jason Ferrugia's Renegade Diet

Click here to download the Renegade Diet Guidebook by Jason Ferrugia

Does The Renegade Diet Work?

This is the common question that comes to people’s mind. They want to know if the Renegade Diet works. They also want to know if it actually has the ability to help them achieve weight loss and muscle gain at the same time as Jason Ferrugia has promised.

renegade diet testimonials

And the answer to those questions is not far fetched, judging from people’s testimonies on the internet and the pictures from Jason’s male and female clients displayed on the official website of the Renegade Diet.

renegade diet success stories

So, yes, the Renegade Diet does work. All you need for this program to work for you as well is consistency. Time consciousness is also important and that is why I will recommend that for anybody that is interested in this program.

The following are research studies supporting intermittent fasting for weight loss:

the renegade diet

Pros Of The Renegade Diet Guidebook

Cons Of The Renegade Diet Guidebook

Final Verdict On The Renegade Diet

The Renegade diet guidebook does work. You have nothing to lose in checking out this guide because it comes with money back guarantee. You get to eat your favorite foods.

The program has been tested and proven to work, so I have no doubt that it will work for you too, as long as you follow the guidebook step-by-step and also time conscious as well.

For you to achieve your dream body, I do not think fasting for some days is too much to ask. You should just look forward to how you will feel when you start receiving people’s compliments on the new you in 60 days time from here, full of energy and confidence in your body.

That’s it on Renegade Diet review. I wish you luck on your way to acquiring your desired fitness result and I look forward to your success story.

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Instant access to Jason Ferrugia's Renegade Diet


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