The Slimming Protocol System -The Hormonal Trick To Staying Younger

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It’s a lie-It’s neither food nor exercise that decides your staying slim, it’s your HORMONES!

slimming protocol programThere are too much conflicting information and write up everywhere on weight loss and diets that you get confused and frustrated trying to get the right one. Spending all day in the gym, day after day, with little or no result is also another frustrating thing. Are you one of those thousands of people out there that have become frustrated because all your efforts, diets and endless exercises have you give you your ideal body shape? No matter how hard you try, you can seems to get rid of the few pounds that are still giving you eye sore whenever you check out yourself in the mirror.

Are you sick of working out in vain? Have you resigned to living with excess fats and stubborn weights in your body all your life? Are you tired of the lies everywhere about the right food to eat or avoid in order to achieve your dream body? Maybe people often tell you to be happy with the way you are, but somehow, you cannot get rid of the feeling of wanting to look great. Are you ready to discover how to achieve your dream body?

Maybe you are not even looking to becoming a fitness model but all you just want to do is keep off all those body fat and feel better about yourself. Maybe you just want to feel better, move netter, maintain a clear mind and have enough energy throughout the day so that you can still be able to enjoy life with your family and your friends at the end of the day as your stress level is kept in check as well.

All these are the wishes of Ruthie Wilson for you and that is why she has created the Slimming Protocol System, just for you. But does it really work? Is it legit or just one of the other weight loss guides that are scam and seek to victimize desperate people? I will really like to help you answer all these questions and more on this review and also help you make an informed decision on whether this guide is the right one for you or not.

slimming protocol program authorThe Basics Of The Slimming Protocol Program

What you have been told about weight gain; that it is your lack of exercise and eating too much is the reason. Several studies have now revealed the fact that your weight has more to do with the timing of your meals.

Another fact-the timing of your meals has a huge impact your hormones.

I am sure by now you probably know by that all your effort at eating healthy and exercising regularly has not helped you achieve the slim, sexy and beautiful body that you have always wanted and deserve. Scientific research has now proven all you have to do to stay slim is eat at certain times of the day. This will strategically and powerfully influence the 4 hormones that determine your body weight.

These 4 hormones ultimately decide if the calories accumulate on your belly, hips, thighs, arms or…whether those nutrients fuel your brain, your energy or your muscles instead. These powerful metabolic female hormones are responsible for determining your body fat levels, libido and energy with cognitive performance.

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slimming protocol system review
What Is The Slimming Protocol System?

The Slimming Protocol System is a unique and powerful new approach of melting fat without any dieting that is designed to strategically adjust your powerful female hormones and turn on your metabolism into a fat burning machine 24/7.  The Slimming Protocol program is a simple and highly effective nutrition plan that is non-diet, which is based upon TIMING of your meals. It is an easy to follow system, whereby you can eat whatever you like and never go hungry again. It also consists of very short and simple exercises that you can do easily anywhere you are and at anytime of the day, without the need for weight, benches or treadmills but only your body weight. The Slimming Protocol System is designed to help you get access to the CLEAN products that are needed in order to replace the toxic  that you get from cosmetics and detergents that are causing hormones imbalance your body. The plan in the Slimming Protocol program is also aimed at helping you get the belly-shrinking results really fast in just a few days.


Recent studies show that levels of hormone, estrogen, has an enormous impact on the levels of body fat that accumulate around your body. There is a certain chemical that you come in contact with everyday-xenoestrogens, which is responsible for slowing your metabolism down and causing weight gain in the unwanted places in your body. It is also responsible for dryness and moodiness. Not much fun! The Slimming Protocol has the meal-timing approach that will help you control your estrogen levels without stress.


There is another hormone that you must absolutely control in order to stay slim- insulin, which is a hormone that decides whether your body uses glucose from carbs that you eat for energy or maybe to store it as fat instead. The Slimming Protocol guide offers solution to this. Being able to control this particular hormone will help you achieve your slim body.


The thyroid gland also has a major influence on the metabolism. It secretes hormones that play a significant part in deciding the amount of fat that your body stores. A sluggish thyroid can cause a lot of bad symptoms that affect the body composition, which includes weight gain and muscle aches, stiffness and tenderness.

The Slimming protocol guide will help you restore your thyroid hormone levels by eating certain foods at the right time of day.


Stress is another factor that is responsible for weight gain. As part of the body’s survival instinct, it tends to produce cortisol in response to stressful situations bad eating habits. In the modern world, it common to always be stressed, busy and overworked. When the cortisol response is activated too many times, it has a bad effect on the body. Several studies have revealed connection between stress and abdominal fat, that’s what the cortisol is responsible for.

slimming protocol program pdf downloadDetails of The Slimming Protocol System

One amazing thing about this program and why I personally like it, it the fact that it does not involve dieting and there is hardly any working out involves too. I believe that is why Ruthie Wilson’s program is very successful. She has designed the guide to target the one area in your body that no other weight loss plan does-your hormonal balance. Getting the Slimming Protocol Program will also give you access to the following:

3 Part Electronic Book Plan included

·         Slimming Protocol System

·         Slimming Protocol Quick Start

·         Slimming Protocol Clean Life Blueprint

Will The Slimming Protocol program Work For Me?slimming protocol system review

In case you are thinking that you have tried everything, I believe what you mean by that is that you have tried every diet and workouts. It is not your fault, because dieting has been discovered as in effective for 93% of people from a study, so it hardly works for anybody. Ruthie Wilson’s approach is something that you have certainly probably not come across before because even though it is as old as time itself, it is new to this present generation. Hormonal approach to weight loss has generally been known to be high effective and unique too. There is also some pleasure that comes with boosting your hormones. So you can be sure that this will work for you.

The Slimming Protocol System provides a specific female plan that strategically targets the hormonal for women. Even though you are just a little bit overweight, the Slimming Protocol System is designed to help you shed those last stubborn few pounds especially at your love handles and lower abdomen. Below are some of the benefits that people following this course have shared in their testimonies.

slimming protocol programslimming protocol system review3 Additional Bonus Programs

I believe Ruthie Wilson is really determined at helping you succeed with her program and that is why she has added these 3 awesome bonus guides to make your journey a lot easier. These guides are also intended to help you clarify a few home truths about your body.

Bonus #1: Natural Fat Burners For Women

This bonus guide exposes  the mysteries of herbs used in Asia and South America for many years to stay slim, look young and promote better health.

Bonus #2: Ultimate Natural Aphrodisiacs For Women

This is an absolute guide to powerful female aphrodisiacs that is designed to help you get back the little pep and spark in your love life.

Bonus #3: Female Anti-aging Guide

This particular guide is meant to be the icing on the cake for your skin. It is meant to help you achieve a beautiful and radiant-looking skin once again.

 slimming protocol program

Advantages of The Slimming Protocol System

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slimming protocol programConclusion

This program is based on science. With the Slimming Protocol system, you can start to slim down and have enough energy to protect yourself, your body and those of your family members. You may probably have tried everything and still yet to find the solution. Still wondering if this program will work for you? I will ask you this one question; are you feeling weight loss resistance and the effect of hormonal change? Have you tried exercise programs and other weight loss plans before and didn’t get a permanent result? If yes, then I think this  is your best chance to get back into your old self and your old lean jeans again because as of right now, there are hardly any products out there that have adopted this approach of directly addressing the hormonal balance in your body to get rid of excess fat gain in your body. If you do not do anything about your unwanted body fat now, you will still remain like this 6 week down the line and later in life having to deal with any of the problems associated the excess body fat such as high blood pressure, diabetes or hormonal problems. Taking  an action now only means that you have started your journey to a slim, toned and firm body in just a few weeks from now…

slimming protocol program

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