10 Best Gyms In Albuquerque, NM

1. Black Box Fitness

best fitness centres in AlbuquerqueBlack Box Fitness is one of the best fitness centres in Albuquerque. The gym is located at 4201 Yale NE, Ste A, Albuquerque, NM 87107, Business Parkway/Academy Acres. Black Box Fitness was opened on August of the year 2010. The gym is owned and managed by Niki Baron, Matt Baron, Jessica Philips and Seth Vigil. Niki B is a Sport Performance Coach for the USA Weightlifting Level 1 and CrossFit Level 1 coach. Other coaches that manage the gym with her also have fitness certifications.

The Black Box Fitness centre is well equipped facility that is also spacious. The gym has climbing ropes, massive tires, gymnastic rings, pull-up racks, kettle bells, sleds, Olympic barbells, pilates and 6’ scaling walls. The fitness centre also offers 42 classes in a week and their personal training are tailored towards the schedule and needs of their clients. Their trainers are experienced and diverse in the coaching of weight loss. Workouts at the Black Box Fitness are also reported by clients of the gym to be fun, diverse, unpredictable and of high intensity.

Phil M.best fitness centres in Albuquerque from San Diego, CA mentioned in his review of the Black Box Fitness that the place is a fantastic gym. According to Phil, the gym has top notch facilities, well equipped and the staff are extremely motivating, knowledgeable and professional. The gym also has a great vibe and the instructions and class are awesome a well.

Nate C. from San Diego, CA travelled for business and had a drop-in at the Black Box Fitness. He reported that Matt and Seth were very welcoming the minute he stepped inside the facility. He said the equipments are properly maintained and the way the trainers pay attention to detail very rare and impressive

Eric S. from Albuquerque, NM in his review could not seem to recommend the Black Box Fitness centre strongly enough. According to him, the gym gives discounts to students, new and updated equipmenst, varieties of workout and lays emphasis on mobility and stretching that makes recovery seems like a breeze. He also mentioned that the trainers at the gym are fun, competent, intelligent, attentive and friendly. Black Box Fitness gym also welcomes all individuals regardless of their fitness levels or experience.

You can contact Black Box Fitness centre on (505) 310-1003 or visit their business website at www.blackboxfitnessnm.com to learn more.

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