Best 10 Fitness Centres In Tampa; Florida

 1. SOHO Cycling Studio


SOHO is one of the best cycling studio in Tampa. It was created to make people enjoy good cycling experience. SOHO Cycling Studio can be found at 2019 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa, Florida 33606 West Tampa.

SOHO Cycling Studio was created with the motive of giving people the best of cycling experience and at the same time make them feel at home. SOHO is Boutique style indoor cycling centre giving a fun, friendly, judgement free precinct to make everyone feel welcome. SOHO is a fitness centre meant for every category of persons, it doesn’t matter whether you are beginner or you you’ve attained some level of fitness, SOHO is going to treat whatever background you’re made of.


The coaches will help strengthen your believe that cycling experience can be fun which is why they call the experience ‘Cardioparty’. Every of the Rockstar instructors are certified and has different unique approach to make members go through great cardio experience. It is a culture at SOHO that cyclers would thrill their cycling workout session with music.

At SOHO Cycling Studio you’ll be made to climb, sprint, jog, dance, sweat. All of this will be gone about as simple as possible most especially with togetherness just like a community. SOHO CYCLING STUDIO is not just a fitness center that changes bodies, they also change lives. There are alternative to fitness routines that look like work at SOHO cycling studio.

our-story3Some reviewers on Yelp commended on services offered at SOHO Cycling Studio. Jenny L has been a huge fan of the SOHO studio for some years now. He claimed that the instructors are very good at getting the class highly motivated. M.S confirmed that SOHO is the best place to spin.

Contact Details

Phone Number: (813) 944-3044

Business Website:

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