Three Pillars of Self-Healing – Does It Work?

Has anything ever happened to you in life at some point and you think it’s unfair ir has to be you? Do you have a lot of questions without answers and you just keep asking
why and why? Do you have fear of failure and think your problems are the biggest impediment and most difficult to resolve?

Almost everyone has at some point in life blame God for calamitous state of health.

There is no perfect life, so everyone has one or two things to complain about in life. However, some really have it rougher than others. Life is full of uncertainties so, it’s understandable that you feel doubts and fear.

What if there is a way for you to find solutions to your life: the complaints, yours illnesses and any form of misfortune start living again?

Well, according to Petrona Velasquez, the author of this course, she has been through it all and she believes that if she was able to pull it through with the formula in the course, you also can.

According to her, the results are observable and tangible.

The Three Pillars of Self Healing consist of experiences lived and suffered in real life, born from pain and suffering that drained hope, broke the heart and eat away at Dr. V’s health.

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Who Is The Author Of This Program?

The brain behind this book is Petrona Velasquez. She is a doctor of medicine and graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua in the city of Leon (UNAN Leon). She grew up performing manual labour in the field, doing difficult farm related works, which were exhausting and mandatory.

However, she had a dream that she was determined to pursue despite her extremely humble background and without help from anybody, even her parents. She went through university doing several part-time jobs with little payments.

She finally graduated from the university and started practicing as a doctor, but felt stuck during her short 8 years of work due to a disability that left her in bed for 14 years. She underwent 4 spinal surgeries, got to a state of deteriorating health until she fell into deep pain and suffering, lost hope and strength without any alternatives to get better. Her life was later governed by intense pain, rejection and rage.

Three Pillars of Self Healing, they’re called Pillars because they became Dr. V was able to get her immense support from what she calls the Three Pillars of Self-Healing. According to her, they’re the foundation of what she held onto and they helped her rise from the depths. She mentioned that she managed to harness her strengths, power and inner potential into her armour. She also claimed all these pillars are natural defence that we all have by nature.

Today, she said the scars from the 14 years of anguish have completely subsided, and have been converted into a life changing experience and a heart overflowing with gratitude and faith. She has also recovered the security and trust she once lost.

This book contains the essence of Dr. V’s experience and how she overcame all that is palpable, visible and ascertainable.

Dr. V is a now a retired doctor who was once confined to a wheelchair and suffered from heartbreaking screams which has caused her devastating pain.

She mentioned that she has gotten to a stage in her life where she was face to face with defeat powerlessness after encountering failure in the fight against painful arduousness and infirmity.

She was later able to come up with a formula that helped to improve her life, health and well-being from the fundamental steps that painful experience gave her. This formula, she claims, is within you. All you just need are the tricks to help you discover it.

What Exactly is The Three Pillars Of Self-Healing Guide?

Three Pillars of Self-Healing describes step by step the experience of life, suffering, and how to overcome obstacles in a personal way which you can adapt to any aspect of your health that you would like to improve. The beautiful tools for delivering the promises of Dr. V in the Three Pillars of Self-Healing are: FAITH, GRATITUDE, AND MEDITATION.

How Does The Program Work?

Three pillars of self-healing integrate your being and become part of your essence. Faith, Gratitude and Meditation are the foundation of restoration from this book.

Gratitude softens the hardness of the mind and fills the heart with understanding, appreciation and love.

Faith illuminates your ways, guides you in darkness and fills your heart with confidence and security

With meditation, you can obtain peace and tranquillity which gives you space to make walls disappear and build a strong foundation for your inner rebirth.

These pillars integrate into your every weakness, despair, defeat and the sad cries of uselessness and later unfold them into large columns of strengths.

Who Is The Three Pillars of Self-Healing Course Designed For?

The program is designed for people that want solutions to their health problems and get rid of the difficulties of their lives. Also, people that seek guidance and direction to build their foundation and start living lives full of health, joy and enthusiasm will also benefit from the Three Pillars of Self-Healing course.

This course is also created for people who are broken, so that they would have the opportunity to get out of their deteriorating health conditions because everyone is worthy of enjoying their lives with health, vigour and joy.

The Three Pillars of Self-Healing is designed for people who have given up, after they have exhausted everything and haven’t obtained any satisfactory results.

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Details Of The Three Pillars Of Self-Healing Guide

The book The Three Pillars of Self-healing is designed to take you by the hand on the journey of recovery, through activating your inner potential through the Three Pillars, Faith, Gratitude and Meditation and scrutinizing yourself through your components.

The information in this guide aims to transport you, your mind and soul to a point of activation of your potential.

The book is created to help you:

The Three Pillars of Self-Healing is designed to help you discover your powerful inner qualities. By nature, we own creative faculties of health, peace, joy and happiness, all of you have to do is take your potential and make use of them for your good.

The author mentioned that she was able to rise from the depths of pain and suffering because of this course and she’s now revealing her escape plan to you. You can now make use of these shared misfortunes, her limits and barriers and transform them into bridges towards your recovery.

The Three Pillars of Self-Healing is a new way of living. The formula in the program is not really a secret but a natural treasure that is already available within you, which you need to activate to get amazing positive welfare.

This book is a transformation of 14 years of pain and suffering turned into powerful tools for self-healing.

Benefits Of The Three Pillars Of Self-Healing Course

Experts’ Review Of The Three Pillars Of Healing Program

Bry Jamese mentioned that he’s undergone a second operation that was not so successful, and had given up on himself. But his sister gave him 2 books on self healing and the Three Pillars of Healing course was very helpful to him in a breakthrough way and he recommends the book to anyone.

Ramses recommends this book for anyone that is in a deep and desperate dark place due to physical or spiritual pain. He mentioned that it contains priceless information and looking forward to another book written by Dr.V He claims that she will help anyone enhance the gift of life with spiritual and physical health.

Eva mentioned that she loves the content of the Three Pillars of Healing guide. According to her, it consists of a testament to what faith, belief in oneself and God can do to bring about miraculous change. She further recommends the guide to people and expressed her personal affection for Dr.V

No matter how unfortunate or perfect of a state a person might be living right now, there is always something to repair, improve or strengthen, either externally or internally.

The authors this course is offering users a chance to change their tears to smile, sadness for joy, weakness by strength, pain and suffering for tranquilness and ecstasy and she insists that the Three Pillars of Self-Healing will work for you as well as it worked for her.

“FREE” 5 Super Bonus

Bonus 1Gratitude Mindset:

If you always feel like you often take things for granted and constantly looking at the things that you haven’t got, then this guide will be of great help to you.

Bonus 2Learn to Visualize

Listening to Learn to Visualize guided meditation program will help you harness the powerful tool of visualization of the future you have always dreamed of.

Bonus 3- Reduce Stress

If you want to get rid of the difficulties with relaxation, remove stress from your life and be able to cope with whatever life throws at you, downloading the Reduce Stress program might be the way out. The program tackles the direct source of stress, which is your mind.

Bonus 4Reduce Anxiety

Eliminate pressure, worry, and anxiety of life and remove tension quickly, naturally and easily.

Bonus 5- Positive Mindset

You can get to remove the negative and enhance the positive. Become a positive thinker and boost your confidence while you are at it.

The Pros Of The Three Pillars Of Self-Healing Guide

It Works

From the users’ review of the book and according to the author of this course, if you follow it with dedication and perseverance day by day, step by step, moment by moment, you are guaranteed to begin experiencing major changes in your life. You will also get to limit self-destructive and harmful habits that bind the circle of misery and pain and also get rid of their negative influence.

The course appears to be a chance for you to forget about those days of struggle, grief and resentment. You might also get to turn your fear into strength to achieve your complete restoration.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

The Three Pillars Of Self-Healing Program comes with 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. You can check out the book, put it into practice, listen to audios. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, email Petrona Velasquez within 60 days of purchase and she will issue a full refund.

Cons Of The Three Pillars Of Self-Healing Program

Hard Work

The Three Pillars To Self-Healing course implies a commitment to yourself. The course allows you to recognize and be aware of your weaknesses in order to turn them into strength and also face your fears to make your brave and courageous. However, Petrona Velasquez is going to be with you every step of the way, so you don’t have to worry.

Making drastic or drastic changes in life can be a scary, great challenge that can be overcome with the new and very powerful tools with which this course is designed for you to sow the new seed.

Digital Product

This course is electronic download, so you can start using it right away once you purchase it. There is no need for shipping or waiting.

This program might just provide you with the chance to access your potential, your inner powers of healing and restoration.


The Three Pillars Of Self-Healing Guide is have been reviewed by users and experts and they claimed that it worked for them. I believe it will work for you as well. There is no risk involved in getting the guide since you have 100% money back guarantee. Well, that’s it on the review of the Three Pillars of Self-Healing program.

Wishing you an obstacle-free life.

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