10 Best Fitness Centers In Tacoma, Wa

  1. Trident Athletics


Trident Athletics is said to be the leading strength and conditioning facility in the greater Tacoma area providing CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, program design, as well as sport specific strength and conditioning.  The instructors at Trident Athletics establish a dynamic, dedicated, and also determined team who continually strive and remain dedicated to moving you towards your greatest potential.

The unique thing about Trident Athletics that has made it to be one of the best fitness centers in Tacoma, WA is that its methods are not exclusive to only one brand of fitness, rather; to that of exercise physiology as well as measurable results. At Trident Athletics, they take the science that fitness is solely based on and efficiently apply it to your program.

Many people have given their reviews on Trident Athletics. According to yelp.com, Nathan B who is a resident of Tacoma, WA said he had such a positive experience during his time spent at Trident Athletics and that it would be a mistake not to say something about it. He also said that it is a friendly place, no judgement or stress. The staff are committed, kind, and there for you.


Also Amanda O who is a resident of Ballard, Seattle, WA said on yelp.com that the facility is clean and well organized and that there is always enough equipment and space.

Hailey M, a resident of Tacoma, WA gave her review and said Trident Athletic is an awesome place!  It’s a very welcoming gym, full of motivation and also the coaches are very helpful and push you to be your best.

Trident Athletics is a client focused and Results driven facility devoted to providing its valued clients world class service and excellent results.

Trident Athletics is situated at 5206 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409, United States. For any information, you can call Trident Athletics on 253-777-9714 or maybe visit the center’s official website at www.trident-athletics.com.

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