Top 10 Gyms In Anchorage; Alaska

Among the things that Anchorage apparently does not lack are good places to work out. However, we believe you want more than just a good gym. You want to join or visit the best fitness center that can help you get and stay in shape, and in the process, socialize and have fun. You want to be in good hands; skilled and friendly trainers, great atmosphere and judgment-free zone. We have searched far and wide in the city of Anchorage and now present you with the top 10 gyms in Anchorage, Alaska.

  1. Uptown Athletic
Uptown Athletic CLub - Best fitness centres in Anchorage

Uptown Athletic is located at  135 W Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99515, USA and specializes in Yoga, Gyms, cycling classes, and owned by John G. The Uptown athletic fitness center is opened for people of every age and fitness level for fun and personalized training. If you are a fan of soccer, hockey, football, basketball, baseballor olympic lifting, you will like it here. Clara B from Anchorage, AK affirms that the gym is clean, cozy and welcoming with new equipment. Contact: +1 907-891-5703; Website:

2. Body Renew Fitness – Midtown

Body Renew Fitness - top 10 gyms In Anchorage; Alaska

The Body Renew Fitness – Midtown is located at 202 E Northern Lights Blvd Anchorage, AK 99503. They specialize majorly on gyms, training and weight loss programs. According to clients’ reports on Yelp, the Body Renew Fitness Club operates a fun, encouraging and welcoming environment with effective workout facilities and upbeat fitness classes. New members go through a jump start session. There is also a 60-day reprogramming session, personal group training, one-on-one training as well as small group training (2 to 4 people). Call:  (907) 336-2639

3. Planet Fitness – Anchorage – Benson Blvd.

Planet Fitness - Gyms In Anchorage; Alaska

The Planet Fitness is located at 700 E Benson Blvd #1 Anchorage, AK 99503, with specialization in gyms and training activities. This is a place for anyone who prefers to train or workout comfortably in a judgment-free zone. They have a unique and judgment-free environment where everyone can get in to have a comfortable workout and build a lasting active lifestyle. With highly trained fitness experts, modern facilities and workout equipment, the planet fitness offer various group fitness classes and personal fitness program. Don M., one of their clients from Portland, OR expressed satisfaction with the facilities. Call; (907) 444-4400; Website;

4. The Alaska Club – The West Club

The Alaska Club - top 10 fitness centres In Anchorage; Alaska

The Alaska Club – The West Club is one of the best fitness centers in Anchorage. It is located at 1400 W. Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99503. With the presence of highly trained workout instructors, anyone interested in Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, swimming or general sport will like it here. Jenny E. From Anchorage, AK, claims to have been a member for more than 20 years now and he recommended the gym to interested members. Give us feedback if you decide to check it out. Call; (907) 264-2720; Website:

5. Body Renew Alaska

Body Renew Alaska is located at 10325 Old Seward Hwy Ste 103 Anchorage, AK 99515. They specialize in weight loss, gyms and training services. Body Renew Alaska is the state’s premier weight loss and fitness studio. Alena N. From Koloa, HI in his review on Yelp, affirmed the neatness of the gym and some of the classes offered and he thinks that is the best gym in Alaska. Contact Details: Call- (907) 336-2639 Website:

6. Best Fitness Centres in Anchorage; Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness - BEst fitnes centres  In Anchorage; Alaska

Anytime Fitness is located in 3074 Mountain View Dr Anchorage, AK 99501. It specializes in gyms, training and medical center activities. It was established and managed by Ken in 2010. The gym is perfect for lab rats since it opens 24 hours and also accessible every day of the year (well, except probably on public holidays). Members get free “Get started” plan . Jon C. Also from Anchorage, AK reported the presence of free weights, machines and courteous staffs. Contact Details: Call; (907) 885-3688 and

7. Top 10 Gyms In Anchorage; Alaska -AlaskaFit

best fitness centres In Anchorage; Alaska

The AlaskaFit is one of the top 10 gyms in Anchorage with specialization in training activities, and located at 6251 Tuttle Pl Suite 102 Anchorage, AK 99507. It was established by Ginny Grabowski in 2005 and offers Boot Camp and Personal Training classes. From the gym member’ reviews on Yelp, we learned that the instructors here incorporate nutrition and a high-quality fitness program to ensure a complete lifestyle change and success for members. Call; (907) 783-1241. Website:

8. Bfit & Well – Bonnie Murphy

Bfit & Well – Bonnie Murphy specializes in training and gym activities. It is located at 3934 Spenard Rd Ste B Anchorage, AK 99517, and established by Bonnie Murphy in 1996.

BFit and Well fitness center

Bfit & Well gym focuses on mobility, balance and muscular training in a fun-filled environment for older adults. They also offer individualized nutrition services. This is a great gym for anyone interested in any form of body therapy. Call; (907) 229-7652, website:

9. Studio Pulse Fitness Centre

The Studio Pulse gym is located in 2400 E Tudor Ste 2422 Anchorage, AK 99503 with specialization in Barre Classes, Pilates, Dance Studios. Established in 2013 by Stephanie W. Studio Pulse Fitness center specializes in Dance and all other fun fitness classes for adults and youth. From Ballet to Broadway, Pilates to Modern, and Hip Hop Cabaret to PiYo, Studio Pulse offers something to fuel the mover in their members.

pUlse fitness - top gyms in In Anchorage; Alaska

Emily H. From Anchorage, AK expressed affection for the Studio Pulse fitness center in her review on yelp. She reported that the teachers/trainers are very passionate and welcoming. Contact Details: (907) 677-8573; Website:

10. Arctic Gymnastics Centre

The Arctic Gymnastics Center is located at 3330 Arctic Blvd Ste B Anchorage, AK 99503 with specialization in Martial Arts and Gymnastics. It was established in 1988, owned and operated by Dan and Nichole Alch. They offer diverse programs that suit all ages and fitness level – kids, adults and professionals as such.


Mary C. From Anchorage, AK expressed satisfaction with the classes and the prices of the sections. She affirmed the supportive nature of the instructors as well.Call; (907) 563-3330; Website

That’s it on the best gyms in Anchorage, Alaska. Share your experience with us, should you choose to check out any of the gyms above or you can just let us know if your favorite gym makes the cut by dropping a comment.

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