5. Crossfit Frenzy

best gyms in BakersfieldCrossfit Frenzy is a one of the fitness centres in Bakersfield. It is located at 5415 Woodmere Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93313. The gym was established in the year 2011, with the goal of helping people to get a better life and the mission of providing the entire community with services that enriches lives with fun, health and fitness. The Crossfit Frenzy gym is Angie and Rafeal.

At Crossfit Frenzy fitness centres, they seek to help the community achieve their fitness goal and reach their total. Crossfit Frenzy is willing and welcoming to all kinds of fitness levels no matter whatever an individual’s fitness goal is-whether it is to improve athleticism, lose weight, feel good or get stronger.  The gym also offer personal training, powerlifting, weight training, sports conditioning, fitness classes, high intensity training, group classes, weight lifting, gymnastics, MMA, weight loss, core conditioning, strength and conditioning more.
best gyms in Bakersfield

Ricky M. from San Pedro, CA said the owners of Crossfit Frenzy gym, Angie and Rago were very welcoming to him and his girlfriend. He also mentioned that they felt like a part of a community for the one week they worked out at the gym. According to Ricky, the workouts at the Crossfit Frenzy gym were the hardest he has ever done and there were different individuals with different ages and fitness levels present at the gym. Ricky, thinks this gym is the best out of all the gym he has been to. Although he doesn’t live in the area, he promised to come back to Crossfit Frenzy fitness centre.

Jason S. from Novato, CA who is currently living in Bay Area usually frequent Crossfit Frenzy gym whenever he goes to Bakersfield. In his review, he mentioned that everyone loves the gym and the box is not replaceable. He also complimented the trainers at the gym and mentioned that they were great coaches. According to Jason, the Crossfit Frenzy is a wonderful community that is kind, supportive and open

Maribel M. from Bakersfield, CA also thinks Crossfit Frenzy is the best box around. He mentioned that the owners of the gym have true love for their athletes and CrossFot itself. According to Maribel, the trainers at the V have a unique dedication to what they do. They helped him change the way he thinks about nutrition and his overall wellbeing positively.

You can contact the Crossfit Frenzy Training centre on (661) 703-7051 or visit their business website at www.crossfitfrenzy.com to learn more.

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