Top 10 Gyms In Cleveland, Ohio

The Best 10 Gyms In Cleveland, Ohio

1.       CrossFit CLE


The CrossFit CLE gym is one of the very popular fitness centres in Cleveland that specializes in general physical preparedness. It is located at 2218Superior Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114, Quadrangle. The gym was established in the year 2007. Let’s look into their clients review and see what people are saying about CrossFit CLE fitness centre.

Jen M. from Cleveland, OH only had a drop in at CrossFit CLE fitness centre. She claims the gym has a true style of a CrossFit community and the trainers, Adam and Josh made her feel welcomed by putting her name on the wipe board and introducing her to everyone. She also mentioned that the gym has a nice mix of everyday folks and super athletes. Jen also said in her review that the gym is more equipped and much bigger than the other crossfit gyms.

According to Jen, CrossFit CLE fitness centre has enough equipments which includes 10 GHD machines and 10 rowers and people do not have to sign up for class times because the gym has enough equipments and ample space. Few of the coaches have also gone through several injuries which is why they can provide members with insightful coaching whenever the need arises. Jen mentioned that CrossFit CLE is a great gym where she had a great experience but the gym does not have camaraderie, which she wishes that it does.


Jessica c. from Cleveland, OH claimed to have started with CrossFit CLE gym for some months with her husband and she could say that the gym is the best choice they could have made. According to her, she was apprehensive about doing her workout in a group but she believe it would be difficult for her, but the CrossFit CLE gym shows members the fundamentals of crossfit and prepares them for bothe mentally and physically.

Jessica also mentioned in her review of the CrossFit CLE gym that the trainers and the people at the gym are very supportive and nice. According t her, she and her husband has been able to see results from their workouts as they have lost weight and also gain muscle in the process. She has also been able to begin biking with total ease.

Larry Y. from Cleveland, OH said he has started with CrossFit CLE for about 3 years now and he thinks CrossFit CLE is certainly a crossfit program everybody should check out. He said both the members and trainers are very welcoming. According to him, if you do not want a particular workout, you can count on the knowledgeable trainers to help you out.

Larry said he had back injury ten months back and the trainers have been able to help him get back to 95% and he is now stringer and faster. Larry further went ahead to recommend CrossFit CLE to his friends in the review of the gym on

Cindy C. from Amherst, OH thinks everyone should Crossfit, especially at the Crossfit CLE fitness centre as she claims the gym is the best place ever.

Randall S. from Cleveland, OH he has joined the CrossFit CLE for over a year now and he could not be happier. At 53, Randall said he is now in his best shape ever. He said although the workouts initially seemed insurmountable, but he was able to achieve his desired results at the gym because everyone there was incredibly supportive and helpful, besides, the workouts are never boring.

You can contact the CrossFit CLE Training centre on (216) 373-0820 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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