Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge – Is Helder Gomes’ Program A Scam?

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge – Eliminate Weakness And Build Combat Ready Conditioning

Many people are experiencing failing body these days and when that start happening, it becomes harder to get going in the morning, fighting more pains and aches all through the day, experiencing more setbacks as they become more frequent and lacking the motivation to exercise.
warrior zero bodyweight challenge program

Another problem with this is that, it even becomes harder to stick to a fitness program when you already feel beat up and blue everything.

This explains why some people are experiencing terrible things in their bodies such as the weakness that screws with the hormones in the body, packing unwanted fat around their abdominal area, eating away at their lean muscle mass and making their chests sag.

Have you been told that your body will never be able to do the things it used to do and you have no choice to settle for a life of weakness, especially because your body has stopped responding to exercise like before?

Do you want to get rid of excess body fat and also build great levels of endurance while you are at it, there might be a new way to go about it. There might be a new and effective way to rewire your muscles with the kind of control and primal power that prevents injuries and repairs joints. Can this really work?

I believe so, since a disabled marine was able to achieve this, you should know that you too can. You don’t have to spend hours on it or do it with fancy equipment.

Are you probably wondering how a washed up solder has now turned to a trusted fitness instructor to professional warriors? I also did. Well, until I read more about this guy.

About The Author Of The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

the author of warrior zero bodyweight challenge programThe brain behind the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program is Helder Gomes, who used to be struggle with obesity and his wife wouldn’t hug him along with the fact that he was losing all sense of purpose in life because of shame.

It wasn’t that he didn’t do anything about it but nothing worked for him especially since most of the fitness program out there are created for young, able bodies, not the ones with limitation like his own and the doctors were advising him to try not to lift his arm too high.

So, everyone advised him to just suck it up and embrace acceptance, which was the first step to happiness. This was also after the marine has classified him as “no longer fit to serve”.

According to Helder Gomes, he had to look for answers on his own and while he was researching this; studying somatic exercise and other therapeutic modalities, he discovered that almost everything he had been taught and learnt about building strength, flexibility and fat loss was dead wrong.

warrior zero bodyweight challenge program


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He later met with a Russian who exposed him to some weird mental tricks to elevate strength by changing the thought process.
Now, Helder Gomes is a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, who is also known as “The Super Soldier”. Helder Gomes was someone that was made to believe he had to give up on the thing he used to do before because of her disability until he ended up proving them wrong.

Now, Helder wants to give others his super soldier serum. For anyone that is willing to put it to test, he believes this serum will change the way they do their training forever.

Helder has taught the same secret training method he has revealed in the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program, to some of The Most Dangerous Men On The earth and people with high fitness standards required for their jobs, but can’t afford to be sore all the time or fatigued.

He has also taught some members of the meanest and leanest fighting groups in South America, Eastern Europe, First Responders, Devil Dogs and former Navy Seals back in the States.

According to the author of The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program, all these groups have all the resources required to train in whatever discipline they want, but they still contact him for days or weeks time and time again.

How’s this? They believe a good guy to expose their weaknesses and eliminate them before their enemy does.

Helder Gomez's fitness programHow Does The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Program Work?

The super soldier serum that Helder is offering you is had nothing to do with average fitness rules. You might encounter some controversial exercise theories and strange body disciplines. The guide focuses on training your nervous system instead of training your muscles.

According to the author of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program, the mental tricks (which is the first step), that is revealed in the program has nothing to do with working harder, but has everything to do with working smarter and knowing exactly how your muscles move your body.

The nervous system can’t be separated from your muscle, because your muscles are controlled by them hence the need for the mental shift. The control your nervous system has over your muscles also determines your pain, flexibility and strength.

Details Of The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program

The secret training system in this program is referred to as Precision Fitness Operator System and it consists of 3 power principles.

warrior zero bodyweight challenge programPOWER PRINCIPLE #1: Precision Fitness Operators Sharpen Their Neural Drive

Your mind drives your movement. You get to sharpen your neural drive, and train your brain to send stronger, clearer signals to the muscles, which translates to more muscle engagement. Your nervous system will be reprogrammed to activate the right muscle fibers with greater precision.

POWER PRINCIPLE #2: Precision Fitness Operators Shore Up Their Structural Leaks

Unified movement makes workouts safer, more efficient and powerful. Flipping the right “switches” on and off as while workout out can be the difference between a “ok” rep and a power rep.

does the warrior zero bodyweight challenge program work?POWER PRINCIPLE #3: Precision Fitness Operators Shoot For Technical Excellence

The real measure of a man’s fitness is his ability to be in control under extreme pressure. Also, there’s a thin red line between your comfort zone and the danger zone. This power principle 3 is a highly efficient method of training with lesser chronic soreness, aches and pains.

You will learn how to stay away from the “danger zone”, instead expanding their comfort zone from the inside out. It is a less tiring and easier way to increase your strength and functional capacity of your muscles.

The Main program of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge consists of the following:

1. Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Field Manual

 Inside you’ll discover:
 13 weeks of training that strategically eliminates weakness.
 Choosing the right exercise and energy system to train.
 The power of “Single-Rep-Cycling”…
 How to never risk over-training.
 The “Elite-8” Exercise Unit
 3 “Making Rank” for guys who consistently lack the motivation to stick to a training program.
 The “Go-Muscle” secret of developing “kinetic chains”.
And a whole bunch more…

2. Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Coaching Videos
3. Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Follow-Along Videos

Who is the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program For?

From what I have gathered about this program, the program is designed for men, especially those who want to be more attractive to their wives. The program is also designed for people who want to build all-day-energy and endurance that seems to make your body to operate on rocket fuel.

Also, men that want to build and maintain outstanding levels of endurance and any other person that might want to develop real muscular control and power.

People who are tired and sick of feeling soft, out of shape and want to eliminate weakness and build combat-ready-conditioning at any age will also benefit from the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program.

The Bonuses

The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program comes with 3 bonuses, which are:
1. warrior zero bodyweight challenge program - bonusWarrior Zero Powered Breathing
2. warrior zero bodyweight challenge - intestinal fortitudeWarrior Zero Intestinal Fortitude
3. supportive nutrition - warrior zero bodyweight challenge programWarrior Zero Supportive Nutrition

The Pros Of The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

No gym memberships
With the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge guide, there is no need for expensive gym membership or circus tricks of functional training or puke-inducing exercises
The secrets that Helder reveal in this program is designed to show users how to discover the hidden powers that are present in even the most basic exercises in order to revitalize your body and help you build high levels of fitness with less reps.You can start to enjoy the benefits of bodyweight exercises.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee
The warrior zero bodyweight challenge program comes with 100% money back guaranteeIf you decide to check out Helder Gomes’s program, know that you have nothing to lose since you can get the book, try the mental tricks and all that’s inside it and your expectations aren’t still met, then you can email Helder to get a refund of your investment in the guide without being asked any questions.


Convenience Audio and Video
This program comes with quality video instructions and follow along films in HD and everything about the program is digital, and you also enjoy the convenience of reading and watching the materials at home and on the go through your tablet, desktop, smart TV or phone.

Reasonable Price
The main program of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge and all its bonuses are sold at which according to Helder himself, is a price that wouldn’t even buy you 15 minutes of private time with him at a regular coaching fees and it’s lesser than the price you pay for a movie or dinner. If you think this guide is for you, then I don’t think this is too much price to have your body restored to former self and better.

Less Time
The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program is designed to help you gain back control of your real muscle, builds and maintains great endurance levels by doing workouts that do not take time at all and you won’t have to worry about pounding your joints.

Good For People Of All Age-Groups
The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program is designed for people of all age groups. Even if you are 50years or above and you have started losing the vitality of your youth with your body becoming weak and you are about to give up or your fitness life, this program might work for you.

Imagine if a disabled soldier could show up guys half his age, you should know that you that you aren’t can also achieve this.

No matter your age, you should know that you can still unleash your inner confidence and strength that you might now have even known you possess right now.

warrior zero bodyweight challenge program pdf download

The Cons Of The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program

This program Focus On Male
The program seems to be designed for men only. Women might not benefit from the program, since Helder’s guide seems to focus on men alone.

Digital Product Only
The program is only available in digital format only, you get listen and watch. So, you will need a good internet connection to access it and if you are not a fan of these kinds of products, you may not benefit from this program.


The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge guide has been designed to give you strength, flexibility, endurance and ease of movement. You will be applying the 3 principles presented in this program with less intensity, less speed and less effort than you might imagine, while building a body you are proud of and making yourself the man your friends and family need you to be. You have 2 months to try it and decide if the program is worth your time and investment.

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