12 Health Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises – 3 Ways To get Started

If you got to know about something that is completely free and absolutely accessible, not withstanding where you are and have proven to be very beneficial to your mood, immunity, bones, metabolism and sleep?

Will you not be more than willing to check it out? Then you might want to try bodyweight exercises.

The American College of Sports Medicine suggest that people should make strength training a very important part of their fitness program so as to enjoy the most benefits of working out.

benefits of bodyweight exercisesEven though this recommendation is a common knowledge, most people are still not taking advantage of all these benefits of strength-building exercises.

There are lots of excuses people make to avoid working out. If it is not lack of time, then it’s having no gym membership or not properly knowing how to make use of weight machines.

If like others, you also have some obstacles preventing you from doing strength training, then you can just try bodyweight exercises instead.

For each decade of their lives, people lose about 6 pounds of lean muscles mass on average. Did you know that?

According to some researchers, our metabolism reduces by 3 – 8% each decade after the age of 20. This is mostly associated to a natural reduction in muscle mass.

So, what is really great way to prevent the creeping up of weight and also keep a strong metabolic rate?

Adam Steer, the author of Bodyweight burn System suggest that you should just work towards building more muscle mass. Challenging yourself to lift heavy things is a good way to start. it even becomes easier when you stress your body by carry heavy loads. The load could be a machine, weight, dumbbell or your own body.

It now becomes easier to use your own weight to build strength. Another awesome thing about bodyweight exercises is that it is totally customizable.

You can do it anytime of the day and anywhere of your choice. You also don’t need any equipment or gym membership. Bodyweight exercise takes less than 30 minutes.

If you have problem getting started, you can start by visiting any of the best gyms around you for a couple of weeks but bodyweight exercise do not require supervision. Seattle, Washington is a good place to start your search for a great gym.

If you are the type that gets intimidated easily by exercise machines, group classes, treadmills and free weights, bodyweight workouts might just be exactly what you need to start a healthier routine.

Here’s why …

Why Bodyweight Exercises?

Aerobic exercises are beneficial, definitely, but it is easier to overlook building muscles, which is very important. Bodyweight exercises are strength training on their own.

Just like strength training, they help you to rebuild the wearing and tearing of muscle mass, which usually develops as we age. According to several studies, building lean muscle mass is incredible for the production f hormones in the body, lungs, blood vessels, brain activity and.

benefits of bodyweight exercisesBenefits Of Bodyweight Exercises

Different researchers have linked various forms of strength training to the following:

  1. Healthier lean muscle mass
  2. Improved blood cholesterol levels
  3. Improved blood pressure levels
  4. Reduced stress levels
  5. Enhanced sleep
  6. Better energy levels
  7. Increase in the muscles’ ability to use up oxygen in the body
  8. Reduced bone and joint pain
  9. Cleansing of the muscles by getting rid of metabolic waste during resting periods
  10. Increased insulin sensitivity
  11. Increased resting metabolic rate
  12. Reduced risk of cardiovascular issues, acute coronary syndrome and stroke.

Another awesome benefit of bodyweight workouts or other types of strength training is that it is not well-known that they can help you reverse the negative effects, which highly restrictive diets can have on the body.

Aren’t diets meant to improve your body composition?

benefits of bodyweight exercisesYeah, that’s how it ought to be. However, consider someone who had been on diets for years. Losing weight makes you lose muscle mass and fat at the same time, except you incorporate exercises. Another thing is that the same person must have also lost some muscle during the aging process.

A low-calorie diet doesn’t give enough nutrients to the body muscles in order to help them stay strong. When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, the Muscle is critical. This is because the muscle is a metabolically active tissue and to sustain it, more calories are needed than fat.

How often should you do strength training on a weekly basis?

Most authorities recommend:


There is really no universal “best” way for everyone to exercise, but bodyweight movements offer many benefits. It is even more beneficial for people who are new to resistance training.

Whether you’re at work, at the gym, at home, at the gym or in a hotel room, bodyweight training is a tool that is helpful to all fitness levels in every setting.

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