How to become a Fat Burning Machine

A lot of men and ladies find themselves in the situation, where they are so afraid of doing weights in order not to bulk up like a man.

The bodyweight burn system by Adam Steer teaches that while cardio is vital for improving overall cardiovascular health and preventing heart disease, cardio alone will do very little to assist you in keep burning fat and calories after your workout.

The truth is that you need to work out with weight at least twice weekly. A recent study has shown that doing so for 30 minutes a day on an average burns up to 100 calories more in 24 hours, imagine that as 10 – 15 minutes less cardio to your routine.

We will now streamline our focus here and specifically look at seven ways to become a fat burning machine.

7 Ways to Become a Fat burning Machine

  1. Become a Fat-burning Machine- Drink Black Coffee for your Appetite Suppression

In his bodyweight burn system, Adam Steer stated that the number one area of failure for most people while on a dieting plan is sticking to their calorie allotment for the day.

He went further to point out that you should have a set number of calories that you are meant to hit each passing day, in order to lose the required amount of fat on a daily basis, you see, but obviously the leaner you get and the less that you eat, the more intense and brutal your craving for hunger would be.

Adam highly recommends black coffee with stevia (has zero calories) to be drunk while on a diet plan or whenever necessary. This is a very useful appetite, suppressant.

You could starve off the thought of food for hours just by drinking a cup of black coffee. This is a crucial tool you may want to include in your arsenal once you notice that it is getting difficult for you to not succumb to your deep cravings for food.

2. Become a Fat-burning Machine –Consume foods that  are very high in Protein

Amazingly one of the easiest ways to burn fat is to sit down and do nothing as revealed by Adam Steer when expounding on ways to become a fat burning machine.

The BIG question now is, how can this be? Well, logically it isn’t possible, but you can make your body burn a hell of a lot more calories on its own with no effort on your end if you have more muscles mass.

Did you know that the more muscles you have on your body, the higher your metabolism will be? The truth is, muscles require tons of calories to function correctly, and the result of having more muscle possesses a body physique that will burn fat much faster and easier than someone with no muscle.

To build muscle, you will have to consume a high protein diet to build and replace muscle tissue.

According to the bodyweight burn system, some example of a bodyweight burn diet for protein foods include; eggs and egg white, chicken, fat – free Greek yogurt, fish, extra lean ground turkey, extra lean ground beef and whey protein.

3. Become a Fat-burning Machine- Do not overeat Foods high in Carbohydrate

The bodyweight burn by Adam Steer shows us that the success of your fat loss regimen is almost entirely dependent on your calorie consumption.

You must know that there is no denying that insulin and blood sugar play an essential role in deciding if your body will be in a fat burning mode or fat storing mode.

Your body’s blood sugar shoots up when you ingest carbohydrate, and when this happens, your insulin level will spike. When your insulin level has gone up, it will be practically impossible for your body to continue to burn fat, not until your insulin levels are back down to normal.

You should be very conscious of this when you are on a diet plan, and you should also make use of Carbs only when it’s necessary for you to use them, like post work out.

Other than that you have the responsibility to keep your blood sugar stable, also keep the insulin levels low, and engage in a no- carbs diet, when all this is observed your body will continuously remain in a state of fat – burning all Day long.

4. Become a Fat-burning Machine –Eat in a Calorie Deficit

When your body has gone into a state of energy depravity, the bodyweight burn by Adam Steer shows us that it has no other choice but to turn to stored energy for fuel.

What this is implying is that your body burns a certain amount of calories per day.  This is your total daily energy expenditure. By taking less than this many calories in a day, you will be burning more energy than you are eating.

However, the fact remains that your body has no choice, but to dip into stored sources of energy to fuel the difference. This proceeds primarily from stored fat your body will fall into and start burning for this energy.

If you want to be burning fat steadily 24/7, then its good advice that you need always to be eating in a calorie deficit.

5. Become a Fat-burning Machine- Make sure to Use Fat Burners

Making use of a fat burner will aid you in speeding up your metabolic rate, subsequently burning more energy per day than you usually would. By utilizing a fat burner, you can cut even deeper into a calorie deficit, without ever having to decrease your food intake by as much.

While it isn’t 100 percent important, there is no denying that it is an extremely beneficial tool in transforming your body to be burning an even more considerable amount of fat around the clock.

6. Become a Fat-burning Machine –Ensure you Sleep Better

The bodyweight burn by Adam Steer, shows that when do not get enough sleep, your testosterone levels start to decline, your GH levels plummet (they tend to pulse very intensely while you sleep) and fat storing muscle-damaging catabolic hormones are released to the body.

Whenever you’re trying to get cut down and get leaner, the only days that your body may seem to halt in progress are entirely the very days when you probably got insufficient sleep or even none at all also if your diet plan and training are still on point.

7. Become a Fat-burning Machine –Do a Fasted Cardio when you wake up

The best time Bar-none to complete cardio according to the bodyweight burn by Adam Steer as shown in one the ways to become a Fat Burning Machine is right when you wake up as your glycogen stores will be in a depleted state.

If you perform physical activity in this state, your body will search for energy, but once it realizes that recently haven’t had anything to eat that it can use as fuel, it will quickly turn to stored energy or stored fat which we want to get rid of.

Start performing low-intensity cardio on an elliptical or treadmill, upon walking on an empty stomach keeping your heart rate around 140 – 150beats per minute.

Also, note that the fat burning zone is dependent on age so this may differ for the individual. Perform cardio for 45 minutes each day while following a strict high protein diet in a calorie deficit and watch how quickly fats will start to melt off your body.

In conclusion, you should, however, keep in mind that as earlier discussed that muscle usually weighs more than fat. You may not be dropping numbers on the scale yet, but you will still fit into that dress or pair of Jeans much better.

After you must have engaged in a thorough work out, ensure to refuel yourself, in a nutshell adequately, this involves eating protein from healthy sources.

Right after, and throughout the day, eating a variety of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. There is a standard rule for protein, and that is; for every kilogram of body weight, you should have 8 grams of protein.

Sometimes, individual needs may vary, so you should consult a physician if you’re not too sure. These revelations from the bodyweight burn by Adam Steer are so vital in searching out ways to become a fat burning machine.

Have you heard about Adam Steer’s program or the bodyweight burn exercises? Bodyweight exercises are exercises whereby you’d have to use your bodyweight as the resistance rather than the need to use weights and equipment, and by choice, you do not need to belong to any gym house.

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