Best Ways Improve Your Posture 

What has good posture got to do with overall health? While it may not do the body much good as exercising or eating right, a straight spine very vital to lifelong wellness.

Fixing your posture is a great process. A lot of people start experiencing the bad effects of poor posture once they hit the age of 50, while others experience it at an earlier stage. Having a correct posture helps you enjoy alignment of everything in your body.

The tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones will all be able to work optimally when you stand up straight or sit. This way, your body organs will also assume their normal placement.

The following are ways by which you can improve your posture:

1.       Lift Weights

improve your postureThe bone-thinning disease known as osteoporosis causes a vertebral compression fractures, which subtract from our height. Men and women can avoid these unpleasant changes with weight-bearing exercises such as weight lifting, walking and stair climbing.

Health experts also help us understand that people who regularly walk most part of their lives tend to have better bone density, more than people with sedentary lifestyles. A fitness centre is good place to start, if you don’t have gym-dread.

2.      Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for bone health. It may as well help you maintain your muscles. You can get vitamin D from a healthy diet.

According to a recent report by the Institute of Medicine, most people don’t need to taking vitamin D supplements since they get enough from sunlight and food.

3.      Consider Medication

MedicationYour doctor will be able to tell you whether you need a bone mineral density scan to detect osteoporosis, there might be need for a bone mineral density scan, as suggested by your doctor anyway.

Fitness experts believed anybody can reverse bone loss to osteoporosis with progressive resistance training in some cases, but they also do suggest people try medications. Such medications include fosamax, Reclast and Boniva.

Hormone-based medications can help too. they include parathyroid, calcitonin and Evista hormones.

4.      Support Your Spine

Women become more vulnerable to more weakening in their muscles after menopause, more than aging men. this is why you need to consider exercises that target the slide muscles, pelvic muscles, neck flextors and back extensors.

Trainers at the gym ca help you with this and there are also special machines that intended to target these muscles.

Endurance in the trunk and spine muscle groups is crucial too.

5.      Strengthen Your Core

According to Rebecca Seguin, PhD, a nutritionist and an exercise physiologist in Seattle, sitting up with good and tall posture while dropping the shoulder is a good posture habit to adopt.

Yoga and pilates can help you stay sitting straight. These two exercise types are also effective at strengthening your core -the muscles of your abdomen and pelvic area.

This helps to prevent urinary incontinence, improve your athletic performance and help you enjoy sex better.

Correcting Bad Body Posture

MedicationPeople who slouches or slumps may realize that it affects their digestion, difficulty in breathing, pains and aches. Also, as your body ages, the poor posture habit creates bigger physical problems.

This is why you should work towards fixing your posture to be better. To achieve this, you can adopt over 50 workout routines or a fitness program such as Fred Schafer’s Over 50 Fit guide. Yoga, pilates and over 50 exercise plan works to target your entire core with a controlled, slow movements.

This way, you can discover how you can improve your posture. This can be done from the privacy of your room, without having to invest tons of money. Some of the exercises that can help you make noticeable and remarkable improvement in your postures are as follows:

Planks – works to strengthen several abdominal muscles. It also works the back and shoulder.

There are more in the Bodyweight Burn system. Poor postures are sometimes caused by tight muscles. When these poor posture habits are combined with sedentary lifestyle, then you have the ingredients for worsening body posture or back pain. The kneeling stretch exercise combats the tightness in most of the important muscle groups.

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