Visual Impact Muscle Building Guide-Is It For Real?

Almost every man wants to be referred to as “well-defined”.  They want at least a toned muscle, if not to build bigger muscle. It helps a man to feel more masculine, sexy and attractive. Even though I agree that attracting women is not the only reason for a man to want to build muscle, but to some extent, it’s still part of the things that motivates him. So, it’s understandable if you also want to lose some pounds as a man and build up muscles a little, depending on how you want it. But when it comes to building muscle, it doesn’t just happen. Some people try to achieve this and end up getting the muscles in the wrong parts of their body. Mostly, men want to build muscle so as to be attractive. After they have done that, they will appear “overdone”, and most women don’t like that. What a woman wants is a guy that has the right amount of muscle, and having it in the right places. It’s really impressive if you achieve your goal of building muscle, but what’s the point if 15 out of the 20 pounds of muscle you built is on your thighs, butt and waist. I think it would even be better for you to remain slim than ending up having the muscles in the wrong places. Sometimes, the advice that says you have to concentrate on the big 3 lifts (squat, dead lift and bench press) only make you end up with a terrible-looking bulky physique. Rusty Moore’s promise is to help you get an ultra-lean look of those guys in the hollywood, which includes Taylor Lautner, Cam Gigandnet, Brad Pitt and so on. So if you are really sure that you want to add muscle in a way that will dramatically improve your appearance and allow you to create the look that you desire and truly deserve, then you should relax and take your time to continue with me on this review of Rusty Moore’s program which he calls Visual Impact Muscle Building. I think this might be a guide for you and I hope that everything  you are able to learn about the guide here will help you to decide if the program will work for you as well. Before I continue, I should probably introduce the author of the program

visual impact muscle building programAbout the Author- Visual Impact Muscle Building Guide

The Visual Impact Muscle Building guide is created by Rusty More. He is a guy has respect for other fitness trainers like him and has always been ever ready to learn from them. He has also spent the past three years running one of the busiest websites on the internet that focus on how to get a lean “Hollywood-like” look. His website seems to be the only one that has targeted the “Hollywood-like” look fitness so far. According to him, tens of thousands of people have tested his methods with very remarkable and extra-ordinary results when it comes to acquiring a lean body. There have been many testimonies form both men and women about his methods. In the past, he has only focused on helping people lose body fat and increasing their muscle density. But this time around, Rusty Moore is focusing on educating people on how to gain muscle or increase their muscle size in a way that will not damage their physique. I believe that is why he had to create a 72 page guide so that he can explain properly.

To download the Visual Impact Muscle Building Guide, Visit Here

What Is The Visual Impact Muscle Building Guide?

The Visual Impact Muscle Building guide is a 72 page course that is dedicated to advanced method of gaining muscle in a way that will dramatically create a sharp physique that has hard and full muscles. According to the author of this program, most fitness trainers are only using methods of building muscle that are extremely outdated and ineffective strategically. That is the reason why he has taken time to write a book that consists of advanced techniques in building muscle. These is a guide that is designed to teach you the exact variables that you need to adjust or modify in order to give you the exact look that you desire. Rusty Moore explains more on the two types of muscle growth.

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy: This is a growth that is caused by the increase in the fluid (sarcoplasm)  that is within a muscle cell. It is a really fast way to increase the size of a muscle, but since the (sarcoplasm) is a fluid and cannot contract; it won’t make the muscle really stronger.

Myofibrillar Hypertrophy: This is a real muscle fiber growth. This adds a lot less to the size of a muscle than sarcoplasmic growth, but since the muscle fiber can contract, it will allow the muscles grow stronger.

visual impact muscle building guideDetails Of The Visual Impact Muscle Building Guide

Visual Impact Muscle Building is not just a generic building muscle guide with information that can be found anywhere like a typical men’s magazine or any bodybuilding websites. This program teaches an approach that is completely new to building muscle. As you must have heard from many of the personal trainers that all there is to muscle definition is gaining muscle and then losing the fats in the body so as to reveal the muscle, which is true, but according to Rusty Moore, this is only a part of the puzzle. He said for you to create a dense-looking muscle that is full, you must focus on the proper ratio. Concentrating too much on the Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy while training will give you an angular and doughy muscle while to much focus on the Myofibrillar Hypertrophy while training will end up giving you a smaller dense muscle that are tend to be undersize. So both type of muscle growth have their on function. You have to be able to apply them to get the kind of appearance that you desire, which should be a lean and muscular look that is also sharp-looking, right? If you really want to build muscle, then I think right thing to do is giving in everything in your power to get the ideal result that you want from it.

Most times, a guy will look defined in the gym because of a temporary pump that happens to tighten up his muscle but after they are done in the gym, you will no longer find that same of amount of muscle definition on them outside the gym because once the pump goes down, their skin will become a little loose. So if you are one of those guys that look better in the gym than they look at the swimming pool or beach, then it is mostly likely that it is as a result of loose skin. Another good thing about the Visual Impact Muscle Building guide is it’s flexibility in the sense that it gives rooms to the use of any method of resistance of your choice. You can as well make use of any type of exercising equipment that you want. In the official website of the Visual Impact Muscle Building guide, Rusty Moore made mention of few out of the countless people, especially Hollywood guys have gotten in outstanding shape with varieties of different methods of resistance along with the exact methods they have used. So he said it is not the method of resistance that you make use of that matters but the set, volume and rep scheme. The guide also comes with Visual Impact Exercise Demonstrations guide of 227 page book that is loaded with exercise demonstrations for each muscle group with photos included.

To download the Visual Impact Muscle Building Guide, Visit Here

Benefit of the Visual Impact Muscle Building Guide

There are the few out of many things that you will gain from the Visual Impact Muscle Building guide:

  1. You will get a very detailed explanation of what a mass building set feels like and you can be assured of building your muscles with each of the set without making yourself sore.
  2. People don’t know the real difference between lifting heavy and lifting life and the function of each of them. Visual Impact Muscle Building program will help you get this right and get a perfect look.
  3. It will help you to learn the reason why making use of progressive resistance while training heavy does not guarantee that you will add muscle.
  4. You will get access to a bonus phase strategy that will give you full muscle.
  5. Visual Impact Muscle Building program will guide you on how to specialize on a lagging body part and turning the weak parts of your body into the strong points. The best part is that you won’t have to over-train yourself in the process.
  6. With Visual Impact Muscle Building program, you will be provided with proper strategy that will give you masculine square-looking Pecs.
  7. This program will teach you how to create hard rock muscle that look great all the time from any angle.
  8. Visual Impact Muscle Building program will guide you on how to split up your routine in order to decide the parts of your body that you want muscle to be.
  9. You will also learn how to put on muscle without you ever having to worry about not getting things right but you will be able to create the sharp angular look instead of the round one.
  10. With Visual Impact Muscle Building program, building density in your abs will be easier.

Advantages Of The Visual Impact Muscle Building Guide

visual impact muscle building guideConclusion

Rusty Moore’s goal is to educate you and teach you exactly what it takes to get the lean “Hollywood look”. The Visual Impact Muscle Building guide is designed to help teach you how to tweak your routine not withstanding what your muscle look like-too small, too soft, too flat etc. This knowledge will surely empower you to become expert at this after you have mastered it. The Visual Impact Muscle Building guide might be the last book on “muscle building” that you will have to buy. I hope with everything you have learnt here, you have found the ones that will help you in making the decision about getting the guide or not. Good luck on your muscle building quest.

To download the Visual Impact Muscle Building Guide, Visit Here

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