10 Best Fitness Centers In Seattle, Washington



Foundation CrossFit is one of the fitness centres in Seattle, Washington. It is located at 1415 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 and has a mailing address of 1122 E. Pike Street #1385, Seattle, WA 98122.

Foundation CrossFit is a personal and group fitness training center in the Capitol Hill, Seattle. They make use of what they call the CrossFit fitness methodology. Foundation CrossFit is one of the best fitness centers in Seattle because they believe in a broad and inclusive fitness made for everyone: firefighters & military, business professionals, grandparents, people who’ve never worked out a day in their life, weekend warriors, pregnant women, the impaired, rehabilitation clients, current and former athletes (scholastic, professional), and many more. You can get started by giving an hour of your time by attending their free Orientation. You can check orientation schedule on their website.

CrossFit will provide you the education and resources to attain your goals. Remember, you don’t need to “get in shape” before starting CrossFit. Foundation CrossFit offer a variety of programs to meet your training needs. The path you choose ultimately depends on your personal goals and current fitness level.

Once you have finished your orientation session you will be able to review all of the pricing options. CrossFit will help you achieve results by making you responsible for you own health & fitness. The programs offered by Foundation CrossFit include: Personal Training, CrossFit Classes, New & Transfer Athletes and CrossFit Cost. Other additional programs include: Barbell Club, Level 2, Kettlebell, HellaFit, Mobility, Endurance, Skill Intensive Classes and Nutrition Counselling.

Hannah H from Seattle, Washington who has been doing crossfit for 5 years gave a client review on Yelp. She reported that she loves this gym. It has a great atmosphere, great community and all coaches are very knowledgeable. She also reported that she loves their hours and how the coaches really emphasize form, and gymnastics accessories.

You can contact CrossFit Acro fitness centre on (206) 299-0225 or visit their website at www.foundationcrossfit.com to learn more.

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