10 Best Fitness Centers In Seattle, Washington



If you love climbing Gyms then this is for you. The Seattle bouldering Projects located at 900 Poplar Pl S, Seattle, WA 98144 is a dream to create the best climbing gym in the world. It’s the future of indoor climbing. High ceilings. Open layout. Natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows. Enormous, striking climbing walls.

Topout boulders. Innovative and grade-consistent routesetting. Seamless padding. A fleet of rental crash pads. A full-service fitness center. Locker rooms with showers. Yoga. Weights. Cross-training. Youth programs. Kids areas. Hundreds of parking spaces. Accessibility to freeway entrances, major arterials, buses, bike trails. Guiding. Instruction. Parties. Community. Everything about climbing, wrapped up into one perfect package called The Seattle Bouldering Project.

At Seattle Bouldering Projects, they love climbing. Whenever possible, they disappear into the wilderness to play on boulders, crags, and mountains. In the city, they look forward to pulling on plastic. There’s nothing like stepping onto padded floors in a room full of friends, stretching out tight muscles, and shaking off the day’s rust. SBP thrives in the frustration of falling off warm-up problems, the joy of unexpected strength, and the feeling of weightlessness.

Many unbiased review has been given on Yelp part of which was Jessica C’s from Seattle, WA. She reported that this place is an awesome place with great routes, great community vibes and great space. She also reported that they have a little cafe too, serving cheap comfort foods like grilled cheese and pizza. Perfect for any hungry climber.

Phone number: (206) 299-2300
Business website: www.seattleboulderingproject.com

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