Top 10 Fitness Centres in Raleigh; North Carolina

  1. CrossFit RDU

default (1)CrossFit RDU is one of the fitness centres in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is located at 6808 Davis Cir, Raleigh, NC 27613. It is owned and operated by Steve Johnson.

CrossFit RDU is well known for providing the various ways to achieve the goals and vision of what fitness means to every individual and shape that vision into reality. The programs offered at CrossFit RDU are proven and designed to engage and strengthen true, natural movement that makes real life easier and better.

The intangible thing that creates an environment of success at CrossFit RDU is in their community and the atmosphere of mutual support and motivation. CrossFit RDU is a friendly and welcoming place where people of all fitness levels feel comfortable. Whether you’re a lifelong athlete, someone who’s never taken a fitness class in your life, or even someone working to reverse illness, CrossFit RDU’s encouraging, inspirational group will be your rock-solid support system inside and outside of the facility.


The owner and head coach Steve Johnson is a lifelong athlete. He is dedicated to personal fitness and is truly passionate about having a positive and lasting effect on the fitness level of people’s lives. Steve originally owned and operated a Jiu Jitsu studio and found crossfit when he and his business partner who ran a CrossFit affiliate. He immediately found a connection with the strength and conditioning program, saw it as an opportunity to help people improve their lives and over the course of 2 years, became the sole proprietor of crossfit RDU.

He is tenaciously strives to provide the best training experience so that his members continue to prioritize fitness in their long, healthful lives. Other members of the fitness team are: Meredith Buckner, David Lynn, Harper Thorsen, Bryce Lawlor, Nikki Prier, Phillip Farmer, Erin Sayre, Armand Lotman, Pete Marston and Laura Marston.

Megan Haubner gave a client review on yelp and reported that this is by far one of the best gyms she has visited. The staff is fantastic.  Programming is great and their members are friendly and supportive.  He further suggested that if you are ever in the area, go see them, you will not be disappointed.

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