The 10 Best Fitness Centres In Vancouver, WA

Although we are here to talk about the fitness centres in Vancouver, we first look at some facts abou the city. These could be things you probably didn’t know about and will even be more benefiscial to your if you are just visting the city.

Vancouver was incorporated in 1857 and named after British explorer, Captain George Vancouver. Vancouver is the 4th largest city in Washington with about a population of 170,400.

The city is located in Clark County, which is the fastest and oldest growing county. Other cities in Clark County include La Center, Amboy, Camas, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Washougal, and Yacolt.

Unlike many other popular destination cities, there is less rainfall here, contrary to popular belief. The Portland International Airport also services Vancouver and its just 15 minutes away.

As pointed out in  2015, Vancouver is the 5th Most Romantic City in the Nation while Atlantic made us understand in 2012  that Vancouver is the 10th most peaceful region in the United States.

The honour was shared with Portland, Oregon. In 2005, because of the effort of the Vancouver community at preserving its natural and cultural heritage resources, the city was designated Preserve America Community.

According to Money Magazine In 2005, Vancouver ranked the 100 Best Places anyone can live. The list contains  the consideration of cultural offerings, crime rates, economy, employment, education, economy, crime rate, employment, and arts and cultural offerings in cities all across America.

Even though Clark County has more than 40 miles of urban trails in, Vancouver and recognized by the Walking Magazine  and given the Walkable Community Award  in 1999.

So, let’s check out the best fitness centres in Vancouver.

Cross Fit Acro


CrossFit Acro is one of the fitness centres in Vancouver, Washington. It is located at 2700 NE Andresen Rd, Unit G1B, Vancouver, WA 98661. It was established in the year 2012. CrossFit Acro is a strength and conditioning gym that is designed to help people that want to gain general and broad fitness.

The gym is owned and operated by Steve and Riss Rodriguez. They are both long time cross fitters and athletes that are passionate at what they do. Steve is said to be diabetic and has been able to put the medical condition in check by utilizing Cross Fit.

He has also being using his knowledge of nutrition to help diabetics in his area as well. He used to be a trainer in Cross Fit Vancouver. That is where he helped the 2010/2011 CrossFit team at the game.

In CrossFit Acro, it has been reported that members receive highest quality training, mentoring and coaching. They also help members achieve their goals in any aspects relating fitness, health and gaining confidence. Their program focuses on functional movements that are varied and constant. They are performed at high intensity in order to achieve overall physical movement.

The aim of this is for people to be prepared for any physical challenge whatsoever in and outside the gym. The gym also focuses on “catching them young”. It has different levels of training for the young which includes ages 11-14, 15-17 and Sport Specific Youth-One on One (where the final pieces of building a young athletes is provided along with other skills such as agility, power and speed.

A client review from Julia G fron Camas WA confirms this. She thinks the gym is awesome and has chosen it as her favourite. She also reported that Steve and Riss do great job at being accommodating to all skill levels. Patrick L from Vancouver reports the gym to be lively, full of fun with a comfortable atmosphere. Patrick also has chosen the gym as his favourite.

You can contact CrossFit Acro fitness centre on (916) 990-4324 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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