The 10 Best Gyms In Freemont, CA

  1. 24 Hour Fitness


24Hour Fitness is a gym in located at 4500 Auto Mall Pkwy Fremont, CA. 94538. The gym has two floors, spacious and well equipped. Managed by Ryan ext. 40

Fitness is meant for everyone, regardless of sizes, age, status, among other factors. Though, majority of people who ought to have signed up for fitness, thinks going to the gym is almost a punishment. Perceived it as a place where goals are mysterious and unbreakable to achieve but really at 24 Hour Fitness Centre, the gym’s environment is made conducive; where you establish clear goals, get lots of personal attention from a trainer. And if you just consistently come to their classes then you’ll not only get fit, you will also achieve your so called ‘unbreakable’ goals, and radiate a more positive powerful you. Because at 24 Hour Fitness, They are on a mission to help you improve your life into a healthier one through fitness.

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At 24 Hour Fitness, all you need do is to sign-up for a free trial class, check out their innovative training programs and find what works best for you. The 10th Degree™ is a new fun, fast and effective program designed to elevate your metabolism, enhance your strength and inspire you. With 30-minute guided workouts, 10 stations of high energy circuit training and flexible drop-in times to fit your schedule, it’s the perfect way to get moving on your fitness goals! Training Club 24™ is their group training program designed to inspire, challenge and motivate you.

As sessions build in intensity each week, push past your personal limits with a focus on functional movements that increase strength, build endurance and improve flexibility. Their Programs and services includes Cycle/Studio Classes, Fitness Consultation, 24 Day Smart Start™ Program, Personal/Group Training, Cardio/Strength Equipment, Kids’ Club, Lap Pool, Whirlpool, Sauna & Steam Room, Basketball Court, TRX Suspension Training, Turf Zone, Pro Shop, Towel Service, 24Life™ Magazine, 24Life™ Outdoor Event Series, and lots more.

Additionally on 24Hour Fitness. Lawrence W. East Bay, CA. reviewed 24Hour gym as his favorite spot to lift weights. He said at 24Hour, they have all the usual gym equipment along with kettle bells, TRX, and now barbells with bumper plates. They also have tires to flip, a weight sled, and some other fancy looking machines. He concluded that, this is the best gym he has ever been to. From San Francisco, CA, John L. reviewed that this is a good super sport club, it has free Wi-Fi (AT&T); nice clean locker room/showers, a pool, lots of cardio machines on the second floor, and lots of other equipment. A nice gym to experience real fitness, he concluded.

For more information, contact 24 Hour Fitness on (510) 226 6900 or visit their business website on

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