3 Major Body Changes To Expect When You Are Over 50

You have probably heard a lot of things about what being over 50 feels like but it is now no longer an experience that you have to read or hear about anymore. You will now be the one to tell the younger.

First, I have to greet you, Happy 50th.

There are some changes you should expect in your body from now on, which are things you can’t have control over since they are inevitable. However, it will be a good idea for you to know what you should expect from this moment. Knowing this will help you prepare and reduce whatever effect it might have on you.

  1. Controlling Your Waistline Will Now Be a 24/7 job

Over 50It will become harder for you to stay in shape around your waistline. Weight gain at this age becomes a real possibility for men and women. This is due to hormonal changes and the natural shifts in your metabolism.

These are bound to happen, even if you are following a healthy lifestyle. Another tip here is that when you are over 50, it becomes tougher for you to lose weight or maintain good weight.

How do you deal with this?

Learn to take control of your eating habits with Over 50 diet plans. Another important thing is for you to jumpstart your Over 50 workouts. If you dread the gym, you don’t have to anymore. There are fitness centres that can help you get rid of any ‘unfit security’ so that you can achieve you fitness goal.

You can check out the best fitness centres around you, such as in a city like Detroit. The fitness centres there also has branches in other cities where you can choose from.

For improving the choices of your food, you can make use of the recommendations by MyPlate.gov. Fill about half of your plate with vegetable and fruits, a quarter with lean proteins and grains along with low-fat dairy products.

Don’t forget to go for a walk every day. The recommended daily step you have o take once you have hit 50 is about 10,000 steps. For the right mindset to live a life over 50 and motivation to workout at this age, Fred Schafer’s Over 50 Fit guide will be a great place to start from.

  1. Slower Brain Function

Over 50I bet this is not really coming as news to you by now. It is true. The function of your brain when you are over 50 isn’t the way it was when you were younger.

You become more forgetful. Recalling words, details and fact will not be coming to you at the speed you want or just the way you used to be good at them in the past.

However, it is not such a bad, like really baaaad thing. According to a recent research, I was discovered by scientists that as a middle-aged person, you brain can re-wire itself for better.

There is a way by which abstract, spatial and verbal reasoning along with math skills get improved in middle age since the brain of the older adult is believed by scientist to be a drawing from decades of experience, which can help to enhance many aspects of mental functions.

How do you achieve this?

It’s no rocket science. You just have to find some activities that are mentally-stimulating. They are bound to help keep your mind sharp. Allow variation in your commute; learn to write with your left hand. Start away from multitasking, no matter how good you are at it.


I believe that is obvious. And yes, multi-tasking makes it difficult for anyone’s mind to focus, even when you are not over 50. Instead of that, focus more on a little more organization in the things you do daily.

Over 50In the year 2008, the neurologists at UCLA discovered that making the brains participate in their own workout helps to prompt the repair of the brain cells in action. There are numerous ways for you to stay mentally active.

Some include memorizing numbers and lists, taking language or music lessons, doing crossword puzzles, participating in computer games and challenging yourself to orderly repeat groups of words among others.

  1. Different sex life

Over 50Hey, by different, I didn’t mean ‘worse’.

The truth is lots of women and men in their 50s have reported better sex life than they enjoyed when they were wild and younger. Truly, as a woman, you may experience dryness in your vaginal.

For men, you may discover that it takes longer for you to have erections. Your erections are also less firm. However, according to experts, the physical needing to spend more time so that you can become fully aroused will help bring you and your spouse more in sync.

Additionally, going through menopause spares women the bothersome of menstrual symptoms and PMS. Women also do no longer have to fear the possibility of unplanned pregnancy.

What can you do about this?

Attend more to your preparations of topical estrogen. Check out water-based lubricants too, they can you enjoy more comfortable sex. It will be good for you to embrace this new discovery to discover what can bring your spouse and you the best pleasure.

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