The Over 50 Fit Guide Review-Does It Work?

Over 50 Fit Guide-Is Fred Schafer’s Program A Scam?

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I welcome you to this review of Fred Schafer’s 50 FIT guide today.50 fit guide

I really do not know what exactly it feels like to be over 50 years old, but I can only imagine it for now. Looking at what I won’t be able to do again, the kind of dresses that I won’t be able to wear again, especially what swimming suit will look like on me, due to weight gain or muscle loss?

As much as I would love to engage in some activities at that kind of age, I do not think my energy level would allow me because there is no way it would still be the same with what it is like at my current age.

It is true that there is time for everything and one need to move on, but it is also true that you will sometimes wish you can turn back the hands of time to 10 or 20 years back.

It is normal to miss some things. The fact is, people will do anything humanly possible to remain forever young.

50 fit guide

So, are you disgusted with age related fat gain and muscle loss? Are you looking for a trainer that can relate with you? Getting inspired to start a journey to a leaner and healthier you can be pretty hard when you are constantly trying to balance your jobs, financial issue, families, aging parents and the aging changes that are taking place in your body.

But what if you were to see someone that can truly equip, inspire and guide you in how to achieve this and also help you maintain a really great body and quality health at the same time?

Well, here is good news.

An amazing secret has accidentally been discovered by a 57 year old international fitness expert (Fred Schafer) from California that proves medical experts wrong and can reveal to you how you can drop 8-10 pounds of flab and turn your body’s clock back at least 10 years in just 28 days and feel young and fit again.

You’ve already discovered the programs that don’t work and ended up frustrated. According to Fred Schafer those other countless programs that you have tried in the past failed you because they were missing the right nutrition, mindset and exercises that are fit and needed for people that are over 50 to succeed finally and permanently.

You could change that this minute. As Fred, the author of 50FIT guide has promised that, in only 28 days from when you start making use of this guide, you can expect to see noticeable and remarkable improvements in:

  • Your body composition. Less fat, more lean muscle. You will be looking better in your bathing suit.
  • Your health measures. Lower blood pressure, Lower resting heart rate and better blood test results.
  • Your Physical Capacity. Not only will you be able to do more cool stuff with your body, you will also begin to feel like a teenager again!

Review Of Over 50 Fit Guide

Over 50FIT, by Fred Schafer, is a guide for men and women that are over 50 and really want to get more fit and be able to turn their body clock back 10, 15, or even 20 years or more.

What Fred is proposing to you with this guide is an opportunity that will allow you to be able to do your favourite physical activities and still be able to enjoy great health.

It is ok if you are sceptical about the promises of Fred Schafer in his guide, it is understandable as you might have tried other guides that have claimed to give you the same things but ended up disappointing you because of lack of any significant result and you might have probably swore never to check out any guide with youthful fountain or new body promises again.

But you have to admit the fact that you still have strong dreams for your life. So you cannot give up and cling unto hopelessness. You should not give up hope that you can still enjoy a good shape because you are above 50 years.

I really hope that after going through the review of 50FIT guide, you will be inspired and convinced that it is not over for you and your best days have not been lived yet.

Here is the truth, deep down inside your soul, you still have that passionate desire to do some things that you wish you have had time and energy to do in the past so that you can have a fulfilled destiny. Many people that are over 50 years old have ended up giving up on themselves by quitting their health and fitness programs.

Thanks to all the conflicting fitness guides out there, that have left most people confused. It can be tough to find someone that you can trust and relate to, who also knows exactly what it feels like to be 50 years and above; talking about the challenging demands.

Fred-50 fit guideAbout Fred Schafer

Fred W. Schafer is the author of the Over 50 Fitness guide. He is a 60 year old Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Motivational Speaker.

He also has a Master’s Degree in Wellness Promotion where he studied stress and came to understand why many people over 50 are not as healthy, fit and even happy as they are supposed to be.

He has spoken at many fitness, wellness and health conferences across America.

What Is The 50 Fit Guide?

The 50FIT guide is a time tested, proven, scientifically and professionally designed program that is created to give you a lifetime of extraordinary results of fitness, wellness and health in just 28 days with “Five Minute Fortifier” workouts.

According to the author, he is confident that, after using 50FIT for just 28 days however, you will be so thrilled with how you look and feel that you will be eager to maintain it and make it remain like that for ever.

The details of how you can get fit and thin are waiting for you inside the 50FIT guide, along with the secrets that will lead you to an exciting over 50 fitness lifestyle.

50 fit guide-BringOnTheFutureWho Can Benefit From The 50 Fit Guide?

Fred Schafer’s 50FIT guide is for you:

  • If you are 50 years of age and above.
  • If, like, thousands of other people, it has been ages since you last engage in any physical activities.
  • If you suffer from “gym dread” and do not want to be in the gym surrounded by lots of fit people that will only be adding to your “unfit security”.
  • If you have an overloaded schedule and want to avoid the trouble of having to drag yourself to the gym.
  • If you simply do not have the time to workout.
  • If you are worried about hurting yourself while exercising and sustaining a painful injury, despite your increasing aches already.
  • Maybe you are just having problem sticking to a “diet” and you want to be able enjoy your favourite foods occasionally.
  • If you can’t afford an expensive gym membership or you just don’t want to waste money on fancy exercising equipment will end up in your garage with dust.
  • If you are a man over that is over 50 and could be facing dropping testosterone levels that seem to be draining your confidence and virility.
  • Meanwhile, as a woman over 50, by now you must be fighting back against the mighty tide of menopause that gives you mood swings, along with unstable and declining energy.
  • If you are suffering from obesity, knee pain or low back pain, high blood pressure, type II diabetes that is draining away your courage thereby making you think that your days of glory are gone forever.
  • For you, it might just be that you can’t seem to get or stay motivated for more than a week or two.

50 fit guideThe Base Of The Over 50 Fit Guide

The 50FIT Guide is designed to get rid of the issue that is creating most of the health and fitness problems of millions of over 50 adults. According to Fred, this condition is known as “Sarcopenia”-a Greek work that means, “Poverty of the flesh”.

It is simply called “muscle wasting”. When someone goes into the muscle wasting condition, it is dangerous because as the person loses muscle, he will start to lose strength as well.

This also affect their metabolism and when this happens, the health of their cells is affected as well as well as the amount of calories they burn and their appetite for healthy food.

According to research, the average America loses ½ pounds of tissue each year after the age of 30. Another research also shows that an average America loses 15 pounds of muscle between the ages of 30-60. The stress hormones break down the bone and muscle tissue.

As it is generally believed that this condition affects aging people, Fred strongly believes that it has nothing to do with age and that this believes is simply a myth and an excuse used by many people not to reach their potential best.

He argues that Sarcopenia and muscle leaking are almost lifestyle related since poor nutrition, inconsistent physical activities and too much ongoing negative stress are the primary cause of this condition.

In order to prove to people that it is dead wrong for them to think that they are victims of their age; he created the 50FIT Guide, which has worked for several people.

The 50FIT guide is designed to stop muscle leaking, reverse your muscle loss and restore the muscle of your youth without demanding long and boring workouts.

Download the 50 Fit guide Now

50 fit guideMore About The 50 Fit Guide

Fred is not only someone that can relate well with you, but he can as well provide you with a proven prescription for you to become a “lean, fat-incinerating, anti-aging over 50 and beyond wellness machine”.

Maybe you are already convinced that at this point in your life, it is now impossible for someone like you to build a lean and vibrant body with high performance.  Or be able to feel better than you have been for some times now.

However, Fred Schafer is promising to take your over 50 fitness, wellness and health soaring to a height so incredible, that you have never experience before.

Unlike most fitness trainers that are in their 20’s, 30’s, and early 40’s, Fred can relate to you and he understands you better. He promises to inspire, equip and guide you in on how you can balance jobs, financial issue, families, aging parents and the aging changes that are taking place in your body and also help you maintain  a really great body and quality health at the same time.

Fred is confident that despite what demands you might be facing, it is still very much possible for you to become powerful fitter, energetic, healthier, stronger and trimmer. He also mentioned that the workouts in his guide are simple, safe, doable, trusted and sensible.

Get Instant Access to Fred Schafer’s 50 Fit Program Now

Benefit Of The Over 50 Fit Guide

  • Brief work-outs to improve your core, strength, and energy systems (heart, lungs, and blood vessels)
  • Sensible and sustainable nutrition format and mind-set motivational tools that you can use for the rest of your life!
  • It will move you to drop 10 pounds of body fat in 28 days and restore to you the body of your youth.
  • Look more attractive, better in your jeans and improve your posture, power and presence.
  • Avoid or reduce deadly Metabolic Syndrome and reduce your risk life threatening diseases.
  • Reduction in your blood pressure, cholesterol and increase in your insulin sensitivity in a natural way.
  • Improvement in the functioning of your immune system.
  • Lowers your resting heart rate, a sign of a more efficient, healthy, strong heart.
  • Prevention obesity and increases your walking speed.
  • Stronger and safer body for everyday working, living & playing.
  • Improvement in your health and function of your nerves and nervous system.

50 fit guide

For Instant Access to the 50 Fit Guide, Click Here


Bonus #1: Fred’s Famous Five Minutes Fortifier

This guide includes 5 minute full body work-outs that you can do anywhere. As we all know that some of the leading causes of fitness failure are excuses, fatigue and procrastination but you can now make use of Fred’s “five minute fortifiers” as your secret wellness weapon against those causes.

Bonus #2: 50FIT Stop The Stress and Start The Success System

If you feel frustrated with you quality of life and the demands from every aspect of your life overwhelms You and because the pressure to attend to all these, you have to struggle to create time for fun or relaxation, this bonus is meant for you.

It is designed to help you eliminate toxic stress, fear, anxiety and self-doubt that may sabotage your efforts to stay fit.

Apart from the comprehensive manual guide of the 50FIT Guide, you will also get access to the following bonuses:

#1– The 50FIT 28 Day Better Body Book: Includes workouts that have been designed with you in mind, irrespective of your age, shape, weight or your impression about exercising. They are so easy and simple you can do then anywhere you feel like. They are also time flexible and do not require making use of equipments.

#2 – 50FIT Movement Manual: Consists of nearly 50 pages exercises with the picture of Fred himself demonstrating for you to follow. You will be safe as you improve your nervous system.

#3 – 50FIT No Nonsense Nutrition Method: With this guide, you will learn how to enjoy your favourite food without guilt. It consists of simple nutrition plan. The guide will help you to know how many calories you need per day and the nutrition mistakes that most people make and MANY MORE.

 50 fit guidePros of the 50 Fit Program

  • Low Price: This 50FIT guide is offered in an absurdly low price. It won’t hurt to take advantage of this remarkable deal today.

The purpose of the prize of the guide is to put it within the               reach of most people, including the most humble beginner.


  • Quick Result: According to Fred Schafer, in only 28 days from now, you should expect to see noticeable and remarkable improvement in your body composition, fitness and wellbeing.


  • Time Effective: The 50FIT is a guide that is aimed at helping you to turn back the clock and be able to look forward to your over 50 years with great hope.

The workout in this guide is one that can be done in as little as 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes per day.                 You can do it in the comfort of your home or anywhere else at anytime of the day with or without equipment.


  • Customer Service: The 50FIT customer service is said to be extraordinary. With this guide, you will have access to the 50FIT world famous customer satisfaction email hotline where the author promise to get back to you, within 24 hours after he might have heard from you. Here, you will be able to send any complaint, compliments or questions through email and get a reply as soon as possible.


  • Positive Feedbacks: There are already thousands of men and women just like you who have used the methods in 50FIT guide to drop excess body fat and have also been able to rejuvenate their fitness and youthfulness, according to their testimonies about the 50FIT guide. This guide is aimed at helping you to unlock your body’s maximum potential.


  • Money Back guarantee: Fred Schafer is really confident in his 50FIT guide that it will work for you and you will love the result of the guide after using it. According to Fred, if you do not feel and look 10 years younger after 28 days of following this guide or if you just get tired of the guide for any reason, you can ask for a refund of your money.

You will also get to keep all the entire package of the 50FIT guide as well. This is because the guide comes with            60-day money back guarantee.

50 fit guideCons of the 50 Fit Program

  • Commitment: If you are ready to take on this program, then you must be ready to commit to it. The 50FIT program will not work for you if you are not willing to commit to working on it.


  • It Is Not Magical: 50FIT is not a quick-fix guide. If you are looking for something that will magically give you your desired fitness at a blink of an eye, then this guide is not for you. This guide, 50FIT, is not a zero-effort answer to substandard wellness, health and fitness.

50 fit guideFinal Verdict

Once again, this is what Fred Schafer is offering you; awesome and proven effective workout plan to help you get really younger and energized.

So, I believe there shouldn’t be any excuses or thinking you do not have what it takes. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life dwelling on the “good old days” when you can actually seize your day now.

You shouldn’t forget that you cannot get a program like this 50FIT anywhere else or with any other program. So far, it is the first program that has ever targeted keeping people that are 50 years and above in shape.

It is true that there are good programs out there that you could use, but hardly will you come across anyone that is specially designed with people that are over 50 years old in mind.

Besides, there is hardly any guide on fitness out there with great fitness, nutrition and mindset material like 50FIT that will get you such great results for so little amount of money. If you use the guide and you are not satisfied with it, you can ask for your money back, so you have nothing to lose.

Contrary to the thought that may have once crossed your mind, your “glory days” are not over. The second half century of your life can indeed become the most thrilling, fit, and healthy years you could have ever imagined.

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