Stockton’s Top 10 Health And Fitness Centres

  1. Boxfit Elite Training

gyms in Stockton

Boxfit Elite Training is a fitness centre that is located at 811 West Fremont St, Stockton, CA 95203. The gym was established in the year 2013. Boxfit Elite Training was founded by Lance P.

Lance is also the head fitness coach and operator at Boxfit Elite Training centre. He has a degree in Kinesiology and other fitness certifications. Lance has been into the fitness business since 2010 when he ran a boot camp fitness class that he named Fit Camp. He has also coach in several gyms where he had coach people in varieties of workouts such as calisthenics, cardiovascular training, intervals, weight training, circuits, plyometrics and AMRAPs. He later began his implementation of new training techniques and new workouts.

gyms in Stockton

Lance also incorporated movements which includes gymnastics, powerlifting and Olympic lifting. In Boxfit Elite Training, Lance has been growing healthier, stronger, happier and fitter individuals and competitive athletes. Boxfit Elite Training specializes in Self Defence, personal training. Cross-Training, Kick Boxing, Olympic Lifting, Sport Specific and Muay Thai Boxing.

Dezy S. from Stockton, CA in his review of Boxfit Elite Training mentioned that he loves the gym.he also reported that the trainers at the fitness centres are welcoming and friendly.

Katie B. from Stockton, CA also mentonedthat the trainers are patient and the gym has a great atmosphere with great people and good music. Katie also went further to recommend the gym to anybody that is not just looking to get healthy but wants to be challenged.

Julian N. from Stockton, CA reported in his review that Boxfit Elite Trainingis a great gym and the trainers are awesome and very cool people. Julian admires the way the trainers work with their clients  and they take pride in what they do. Julian also recommends this gym like Katie as well.

Stacy J. from Stockton, CA said she enjoy the style of workout in Boxfit Elite Training. According to Stacy’s report, the members of the fitness centre are nice and the trainers are really great. Stacy also mentioned that she never get bored with their varieties of workouts andthye gym has knowledgeable coaches that are ready to answer any question you might have anytime.

You can contact the Boxfit Elite Training Training centre on (209) 469-2348 or visit their website at to learn more.

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