Best Fitness Centers in Reno, Nevada

1. Double Edge Fitness

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Double Edge Fitness is one of the best fitness centers in Reno, the fitness center is located in the midtown district of Reno, Navada. Double Edge Fitness can be found at 1065 S Virginia St Reno, NV 89502. The fitness center is owned by 2 experienced crossfit trainers Derek and Jacob.

Derek is a certified personal trainer who also has certificates in the following fitness levels: CrossFit level 1, mobility &CrossFit kids. He graduate from the University of Nevada Derek and has utilized what he holds in doing one or two business before coming up to finally use the Double edge fitness to help the community on Reno. Derek has great passion in working with his valued clients helping them reach their health & fitness goals.

He is very good when it comes to improving general body fitness. Jacob on the other hand has been in charge of the crossfit programing at the gym. This is a guy who is an ISSA Certified Personal trainer, Mobility Trainer, & also a CrossFit Level 1 Instructor with specialties in sports performance holding his USAW level 1 Certificate & pursuing a Westside Barbell certification. The two coaches can however be reached via the following email addresses;



Double Edge Fitness is one of the most rated fitness centers in Reno having instructors who are always ready to give professional, fun full and motivating atmosphere when teaching and taking clients through their respective classes. The main priority of Double Edge team has been pegged as safety, efficacy, &efficiency. Each class is structured to be universally scalable for every age bracket, abilities & levels of fitness, giving individual member the ability to move at their own comfortable pace. At Double Edge Fitness they make sure to never have more than 20 people in one class in order for no one to get lost in a crowd; everyone also gets high lelvel coaching. Below are some of the classes held at the gym;

Chris W in her review stated that the gym is a pride on itself, as it has the whole facility needed to do real and awesome crossfit trainings. Jeannette B also revealed that the equipmentsat the crossfit center are mighty and clean.

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