10 Best Fitness Centres In Oklahoma City, OK

  1. CrossFit 405


CrossFit 405 is one of the best fitness centers in Oklahoma. There midtown location is at 1501N. Broadway Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73103. The CrossFit 405 is owned by Aaron O’Neil and it was found April 2011.

Talking of reputable and experienced coaches Aaron O’Neil is one of them. He had enjoyed playing sports and being active at all times. He had even been in series of competition while he was in high school. Crossfit was started by Aaron in friend garage in the year 2007.

Aaron has credits to his career as a crossfit coach, he has the crossfit level two(2), he had aslo been a USAW sports performance coach, he is known for his crossfit endurance, Olympic lifting, crossfit football, and more. Aaron O’Neil is also a nutrition and life coach. The Owner of the CrossFit 405 is so passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves.


The teams of coaches are also well equipped in the field of CrossFit Fitness. The programs at the CrossFit 405 fitness center are designed to give an appreciable result. at the crossfit classes the coaches tries every possible best to make people understand what the crossfit is all about in order to get the best out of the whole fitness process.

The individualise program gives opportunity out to those who wants a program structured to help people reach their maximum performance. At the center Aaron and some of his team members would be giving out helpful nutritional tips to edify your fitness state.

Cheslsey V, a reviewer of the CrossFit 405 on yelp believes that out of every crossfit centers out there CrossFit 405 fitness center in Oklahoma is the best. She exclaimed that crossfit 405 will teach you properly and at the same time encourage you to be at your best. Another reviewer claimed that the CrossFit 405 Fitness center is located in a very good place and therefore gives easy access to people.

For more information you can reach the CrossFit 405 help desk on (405) 458-0405 or visit their website on www.crossfit405.com

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