Best 10 Fitness Centres In Long Beach, CA

  1. Barbarian Athletics


Barbarian Athletics is a Strength & Conditioning gym that specializes in functional fitness, Weightlifting and Calisthenics. It is located at 3960 Studebaker Rd, Ste 109, Long Beach, CA 90808. Barbarian Athletics was established in the year 2013.

The Barbarian Athletics gym was started as boot camps at local beaches and parks and later weightlifting was later incorporated. There later arose a need for storage place and the owner then had to partner with some of the athletes that were already attending the gym which prompt the decision of getting a permanent home for the boot camp classes which is now Barbarian Athletics.

Barbarian Athletics is known for its providence of strength programs and their own means of athletic and sport development.  They have designed programs that are tailored for endurance athletes and runners. The Barbarian Athletics fitness centre houses many platforms of weightlifting with top notch weightlifting equipments. They also offer high interval training and functional fitness in their group classes.

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Myca S. from Long Beach, CA started the crossFit classes in Barbarian Athletes gym not long and he reported that the exercises are pretty hard and could be intimidating and you would probably think you cannot do it until you find yourself doing it. He said the classes are amazing and the trainers are fantastic. He recommended the gym to his friends in his review on and told them that they would not be disappointed.

Rhiane S. from Cerritos, CA highly recommends this fitness centre for anybody looking for ways to have a better health and gain strength. Rhiane said that the equipments at the Barbarian Athletics gym is top quality and the environment is surrounded by motivated individuals and the trainers are very attentive.

Shakir S. from Norwalk, CA reported that the Barbarian Athletics gym is a great gym with a great atmosphere for getting in learning and getting in shape. Rhiane has been attending the gym with her son, for almost a month as at the time of her review of the gym and she has so far been happy with results. She also mentioned that everyone at the fitness centre are very encouraging and friendly.

You can contact Barbarian Athletics fitness centre on(562) 420-6500  or visit their website at to learn more.

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