Best 10 Of Washington, DC-Health Clubs & Fitness Centres

  1. The 305 Fitness

The 305 fitness is a dance cardio workout gym located at 1630 14th st nw, washington, dc 20009, b/t n r st & n corcoran st , logan circle. It is named after miami’s area code.

top gyms in Washington, DCEach of the classes in 305 fitness infuses sport drills, dance moves and high-intensity interval training (hiit) in order to create a fun, full-body workout. Visiting 305 fitness centre’s non-stop cardio classes seems like a night out party in disguise because it features the city’s best instructors and a live dj and the city’s best instructors.

At 305 fitness, they have a unique method that combines cardio endurance, high intensity sprints, muscular toning, aerobic and anaerobic training. They fitness classes are made to push you past your limits and challenge new muscle groups constantly so you never have to plateau.

They have a live DJs that curate a journey of sound which makes the workouts to become where second nature. At 305 Fitness, you are encouraged to turn up the music, sweat it out and go for it as you are led to forget the regrets and insecurities. Their workouts classes are designed to be the ultimate antidote to daily worries that are dragging you down.

All the cardio workouts at 305 fitness centre are 55 minutes long. They are all focused on high intensity rhythmic cardio which features stretch cool down, sprint intervals and sculpting. They also have program for teenagers that last for just 45 minutes. Other areas of concern in their program includes cardio arms and cardio legs which are aimed at helping you acquire a toned, powerful and lean muscles like that of a professional dancer.

They also offer other classes which are exclusive and awesomely affordable and this includes Yoga 4 Better X. The 305 Fitness, according to reports have the most powerful, soulful and uplifting yoga class which can help to serve so many purposes. They also offer another class known 305 Sculpt where people make use of the resistance bands, light weight and control the body to deliver life changing results through improved posture, long muscle, chisel lean and gained flexibility.


Kyle M. from Washington, DC said that the classes are worth the price.

Erin L. from Washington, DC said she often visit 305 fitness once a week and he wishes he could visit more often. According to him, the workouts are intense non-stop cardio and the instructors are welcoming, unbelievably encouraging and talented as well.

Alex B. from Dupont Circle, Washington, DC admitted to being obsessed and addicted to 305 Fitness and he loves it because the workouts gave him results.

You can contact CrossFit Acro fitness centre on (212) 603-9932 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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