The Top 10 Gyms in Pittsburgh; Pennsylnania

9 X Shadyside


X Shadyside is one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh and has been a promising one so far. It is located 5608 Walnut St Pittsburgh, PA 15232. The center has been in existence since 1994.

X Shadyside is a 24 hours & health fitness training center across the hall. At the fitness center they have the cardio space added with a brand new cycling studio which features a booming surround-sound stereo system & 18 brand new SCHWINN indoor stationary bicycles, members are also allowed to use this facility anytime.


At X they have the 1st Personal Training Core & CrossFit studio, the newest of all training equipment will be found in the hall, they include; Paramount Functional Trainer, a TRUE Stretch flexibility trainer, and a Wavemaster heavy bag.

At X Shadyside fitness center more than fourty weeks of group exercise classes are being offered with the whole member of the X functioning. Classes at the fitness center includes: Les Mills BODYATTACkK& BODYPUMP, Zumba, cycling, plus variety of yoga & pilates sessions all of which ranges from beginner to advanced levels.


At X those willing to have a personal one on one experience are given the chance to choose for themselves. X Shadyside holds certified personal trainers and staffs having already over 40 years of health and wellness experience collectively, they all have the passion &desire to assist members work until they reach there desired fitness goal..
It is allowed at the gym to access the locker rooms & showers. In addition to the types of services, massage & tanning are available on-site. If you are still confused of what fitness center to visit try visiting the X Shadyside fitness center.
Sammy B confirmed that the gym is a nice gym and opens 24hours every day.
Natisha C complains that the fitness center is quite disappointing, but even with that he still attested to the fact the gym is wonderful.

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