Top 10 Gyms In Philadelphia; Pennsylvania

Best 10 Gyms In Philadelphia; Pennsylvania

1               Body Cycle Spinning Studio

6JIjE2uxBody Cycle Spinning Studio is a fitness center in the Philadelphia; Pennsylvania. It is located at 1923 Chestnut Street 2nd Fl Philadelphia, PA 19119 Rittenhouse Square, Penn Center. It was founded by Russell Carter.

Body Cycle Spinning Studio being one of the best fitness centers in Philadelphia today was as a result of Russell Carter’s passion for general indoor cycling alongside bodyrockers including their families and friends.

He became captivated with the city of Brotherly Love when he moved into Temple University where he had a football scholarship. The owner and founder of the body cycle spinning studio got this passion for athlete all the way. Russell and team are good at giving you a wide range experience with cycling.


This top fitness center in Philadelphia is a cycling studio where you are made to go through each class with passion from within you. The journey of cycling must be commenced from within yourself. Needs are preached by the trainer about the need for balance and believe that the very most key things in the journey is to leave it to the saddle.

You will be made to firstly go through endurance training classes. At body cycle spinning studio sessions last for almost up to an hour with varied instructors. Operations here are all round the week with time allotted.

Here are reviews of people about the cycling studio. Jessie H a resident in the New York confirmed the time allotted to each classes. She confirmed that the first class is made free with a time frame of 45mins. Music is played to gear up people she says and it has been a wonderful experience. However, Ginger complained about the customers’ service.

To reach body cycling spinning studio you can call them at (215) 563-3663 or visit their official business website on

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