Best 10 Fitness Centers In Philadelphia; Pennsylvania

For anyone with a new fitness resolution or looking to achieve rapid and significant fitness results, it is very important that you find the right fitness center that can make all the difference. We have come up with these top 10 fitness centers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to help anyone trying to decide on the fitness centers that best fit their goals. This list was developed through results of personal interviews, testimonials from Yelp, and other technical review systems. The following are the top-rated gyms in Philadelphia with friendly professional and skilled trainers.

1.               Body Cycle Spinning Studio

6JIjE2uxBody Cycle Spinning Studio is located at 1923 Chestnut Street 2nd Fl Philadelphia, PA 19119 Rittenhouse Square, Penn Center. It was founded by Russell Carter and his passion for general indoor cycling alongside bodyrockers.

You will be made to first go through endurance training classes. At body cycle spinning studio sessions last for almost up to an hour with varied instructors. Operations here are all round the week with time allotted.


Jessie H., in her customer review on Yelp, confirmed the time allotted to each classes is made free with a time frame of 45mins. Music is played to gear up people she says and it has been a wonderful experience for her. However, Ginger complained about the customers’ service.

Contact Details; (215) 563-3663 and

2.          CrossFit Novem


CrossFit Novem, popularly known as Novem Bootcamp, is located at 1732 North Howard Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122. It was founded by Co-owner and head coach Joe Ling.

The gym and bootcamp is made up of a group of people living with the same common interest in their heart (well-being & lifelong fitness). They specialize in health and fitness restoring program. There is bootcamp only or bootcamp drop-ins but you won’t get any crossfit experience here. 

Loe I. in his review mentioned that he loves the facts that he was never allowed to cheat on himself during classes. According to him, he does the squat lower, tosses the wall ball higher and stretches his arms fully, with close monitoring from the coaches. Contact Details; (215) 291-2968 and

3.         Unite Fitness – Philly East


Unite Fitness – Philly East center is a strength and nutritional training center located on 105 S. 12th/ Philadelphia, PA 19107. It was founded by Gavin McKay in 2006.

Unite Fitness- Philly East has been credited with series of awards &.press from Washington post, Fox news and ABC. They’ve been awarded the best cross-training workout in Philadelphia magazine and also made the first 50 list of best gyms in America for men fitness.

Unite Fitness – Philly East offers fun, social & addictive  and customized workouts, along with 3-phase nutritional program. Group workout session comes with the experience of multi-sport cardio training at intervals.  Yoga and strength trainings lovers will also like it here. 


However, while Laura G. mentioned in her review, that she loved the fact that they do cross training but she claimed to have a problem with how it is being organised. Contact Details; (215) 733-0633 and

4.        Philly Phitness


Philly phitness training center is situated at 130 S 17th St Philadelphia, PA 19103 Rittenhouse Square, Penn centre. It was founded by Perry O’Hearn

Philly Phitness training center in Philadelphia is known with her outstanding facilities and offers multi transforming program that focuses on getting balance between strength, nutrition, mindset, and support and rehabilitation principles. If you love hiking, triathlons or rock climbing, this is a place for you.

Caren J., a resident in Philadelphia, mentioned in his review that she found Philly phitness training center trainers to be very wonderful and supportive throughout her session. Contact Details; (267) 644-803 and

5.        CrossFit Supercharged

photo (9)

CrossFit Supercharged is situated at 1931 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19146 Graduate Hospital. It was established in the year 2000, owned and being operated by Brad Daddis.

CrossFit Supercharged is a moral charge and training gym for people who are so determined to attain higher status being an athlete and they specialize in movement and stunt. At CrossFit Supercharged, report has revealed that members enjoy quality training and classes that focuses on fitness and health confidence. 

In her review, Smrithi D., declares that she’ll ever be greatful that she enrolled into this gym. She’s also of the opinion that the coaches there are friendly and receptive. Contact Details; (215) 546-1008 and

6.        Crossfit Renaissance


Crossfit Renaissance is a located at 3668 Salmon St Philadelphia, PA 19134 Port Richmond, Kensington. It was developed and grounded by Bill Shiffler regular. The gym focuses on varieties of movement but with consistency. In Crossfit Renaissance, tutoring, trainings and mentoring are done with high intense quality.

In his client’s review of CrossFit Renaissance gym, Nic J. a resident of the PA, claims that Crossfit Renaissance has tremendously helped him to transform his life. Contact Details; (215) 760-5795 and 

7.          12th Street Gym


The12th Street Gym Training is located at 204 S 12th St Philadelphia, PA 19107 Washington Square West. It was created in 2001 by Frank Baer speciafically for people who want transformation with their body physically and mentally.

For over twenty five years, the 12th Street Fitness center in Philadelphia has been giving series of membership & extraordinary added values to fitness lovers in the community.

The 12th street gym offers top class hospitality experience, spotless amenities and the finest fitness equipment for class session They offer cardio and conditioning, power yoga, cycling, Abs core strength and balance exercise.

R.K reviewed that the gym is awesome and has been so helpful to him all along. Contact Details; (215) 985-4092 and

8.        The Training Station

LogoinmotionThe Training Station is located at 533 Spring Garden St, D1 Philadelphia, PA 19123. It was found by Phil Clark.

The gym offers indoor cycling and series of spinning facilities in a cool and able active atmosphere. Barre, their workout here, is a powerfully packaged program, meant for men, women, models, dancers and athletes. The classes are structured to help members burn fats & sculpt lean muscle.

Yoga session and Boot Camp session here are dedicated to making people look strong and toned. In his review of the Training Station gym on Yelp, Thomas T claims that this place is one of the best gym he has ever been to, the equipment are wonderful and the atmosphere is very friendly. Contact Details; (215) 964-9558 and

9.        Rowzone


Rowzone fitness is a twenty-four hour fitness gym that is situated at 2006 Chestnut St Philadephia, PA 19103. Rowzone offers workouts are targeted towards burning fat, building lean muscles, increasing endurance, improving body core strength and flexibility.

Rowzone fitness center reportedly has an encouraging atmosphere with proper attention to safety. Craig B., in his review of Rowzone fitness center, he believes that if you the type of person who is serious about getting good shape then this fitness center is for you. 

10. Lithe Method


Lithe method fitness center is located at 219 Cuthbert St 4th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106 Old City. It was established by Lauren Boggi in 2011. The whole workout system is based on cardio cheer sculpting with the help of a proprietary higher power band method.

Lithe fitness centre offers series of workout types that are meant to keep the body in motion to bunr off fat and effective enough to put thebody in the right order. Lith fitness center also offer food training.

Lindsay H. claims that she loved every class she has had so far at Lithe fitness center and willing to go more advanced. Cat N. says the classes are awesome, the bathtubs and showers are ever clean and neat, and she loved that she had a locker to herself.

Contact Details; (484) 680-7333 and

That’s it on the best gyms in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Share your experience with us, should you choose to check out any of the gyms above or you can just let us know if your favourite gym already make the cut by dropping a comment in the box below.

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