How To Get Rid Of Disgusting Age Related Fat Gain And Muscle Loss

Weight gain seems to be inevitable as you age, right? A lot of people tend to add more weight as they grow older, which does not have to be that way. Here, we will talk about why weight tends to come with aging and what you can do about it.

A lot of people believe it is normal for them to put on weight as they grow older and so, they expect it. Most adults also believe it is ok for weight to creep up with them as they age, since it seems to be like that with everybody else.

How To Get Rid Of Disgusting Age Related Fat Gain And Muscle LossHowever, the truth is that, it is not all middle-age adults that put on weight as they age. You don’t have to put on weight because everybody is.

Initially, it may not be obvious. Even though you notice your clothes are tighter, you just think t yourself that you are probably filling out a bit.

Until you realize your waistlines continues to grow as the years go on, even though you have not changed your eating habits. A lot of people over 50 struggle with weight gain as they get older and there are lots of things responsible for this.

This includes social determinants, hormonal imbalances, medications, genetics, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle among others. Putting on weight may appear to be inevitable over time and it can be frustrating.

This is why this article will help you understand why this change happens and how you can get rid of age related fat gain and muscle loss.

  1. Muscle Loss And Physical Inactivity

How To Get Rid Of Disgusting Age Related Fat Gain And Muscle LossHave you ever watched little children play and which you have that much energy? Kids hardly put on weight and teens have activities and sports that keep them lean. Finishing with college and moving on to career makes you spend more time sitting down.

As you get older and becoming less active, your body stores calories as fat instead of converting it into energy. Things start to get bad when you start to lose muscle mass. This is known as age-related sarcopenia, whereby you lose about 3 to 5% of muscle mass every decade after the age of 30.

        2. Too Much Stress

Too much stress has nothing good to offer the body. It impacts the ability of the body to process foods and nutrients. Younger people do not have too much stress in their life, the same with you when you were younger.

How To Get Rid Of Disgusting Age Related Fat Gain And Muscle Loss

However, getting older comes with more responsibilities, which increase the stress. The stress, when it becomes too much in the body can result in different kinds of health effects, which are even beyond weight gain.

Stress can cause memory and learning deficits, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and lower immune function.

              3. Hormonal Declines

The process associated with aging has been linked o dramatic decline in the body hormones. The hormones affected are usually the testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, growth hormone and thyroid hormones.

According to studies, this age-related hormone reduction starts to drop around the age of 30 and by the age of 65, the levels of your hormones would have dropped below the normal limit.

Most of the changes in the body composition as we age tend to be consistent with the deficiencies in the growth hormone. They include increased abdominal fat, mood disorders like depression, sleep disturbances and reduced strength and muscle mass.

Although growth hormone replacement therapy has proven to work in restoring hormonal balance in people who are deficient and sometimes reverse these symptoms, it has sparked controversy.

What exactly sparked this controversy are the safety and efficacy of the therapy among older adults who are healthy and seeking hormone optimization.

So, How Can You Get Rid Of Age-Related Weight Gain And Muscle Loss

  1. First, Don’t Assume Weight Gain Is Inevitable

This is not the attitude needed to get rid of age related fat gain and muscle loss. Having this kind of attitude will not allow you take the necessary steps needed to help you keep your body weight in check. You really don’t have to gain weight in your middle-age.

If it has already happened, don’t think it is too late to get it under proper control. In order to avoid this age-related weight gain that seems inevitable, you have to be diligent.

  1. Vegetables and Fruits

How To Get Rid Of Disgusting Age Related Fat Gain And Muscle LossA healthy, nutritious and calorie-appropriate diet is very important in keeping you at a healthy weight. Vegetables and whole fruits contain lots of nutrients, fibre and water, which makes them fill you up.

  1. Strength Training

Strength training is another way to get rid of age related fat gain and muscle loss. Do it a few times a week. Strength training is a great thing when it comes to retaining and even building muscle. More than the fat cells do, the cells of the muscle burn calories at a much faster rate.

How To Get Rid Of Disgusting Age Related Fat Gain And Muscle LossSo, you can boost your metabolism by building up your muscle mass. Don’t think you are too old for this. According to studies, even people that are 80 years can experience increased strength and muscle size if they engage in he proper resistance exercise.

  1. Protein At Each Meal

Protein helps you control hunger. Not only can protein help you with body building,you will also enjoy a repaired muscle mass. Just go for lean sources of protein.

This will ensure you get enough protein without added fat. Try seafoods as well. Non-fat or low-fat  diary products are awesome as well.

Plant protein such as  lentils, beans and tofu are great with smoothies.

  1. Keep A Diary

How To Get Rid Of Disgusting Age Related Fat Gain And Muscle LossHaving a daily journal helps to keep us motivated. According to Fred Schafer, an Over 50 Fitness Expert and the author of the Over 50 Fit program, a daily journal helps you keep body weight.

Writing down what you did, the amount of exercise, amount of daily water intake will help you track the your results, which will also tract the rewards of your effort.


Other important factors that can help you maintain a healthy weight include getting enough and moderate physical activity.

Remember, moderate exercise. Doing 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises or other over 50 workouts that helps to get your heart pumping, for about 3 to 4 times during the week can help you keep weight in check.

Truly, aging can make it difficult to maintain a good weight, but it does not mean that you should give up. You just need the right tools, along with persistence, and you will see yourself winning the battle on the scale. Search around fro the best fitness centres around you, since a good trainer will make it easier for you to catch on.

Philadelphia; Pennsylvania is a great place to start your search for the best gyms, since they all have branches at other cities.

With the right tools and persistence, you can fight the battle on the scale no matter your age and get rid of age related fat gain and muscle loss.

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