There are have been so many controversies on what are the practical ways to get rid of sugar cravings. Ever since the 2008 research studies by scientists from Princeton establish that sugar addiction is a thing, so many questions keep popping out on this issue every day. People want to know why are they having sugar cravings, what causes sugar cravings but more importantly, is the question on how to beat the sugar cravings before it damages your health.

best ways to get rid of sugar cravings

You would know it is time to curb your sugar cravings when you always find yourself sliding down this slippery slope despite being aware of the negative consequences such as weight gain, hormone imbalance, diabetes and more or knowing that you’ve probably fallen victim already.

We put this article together to answer the question of practical ways to overcome sugar addiction and end sugar cravings. Some of the ideas shared here are from Flat Belly Detox and Red Tea Detox programs.

the perpetual cycle of sugar addiction

Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Cravings

1) Discover Benefits That Truly Work

For a lot of people, sweet deals of sugar serve as a comfort and something deserving after a long day of work. They serve as a benefit after a long day, a method to loosen up, a source of exactly what seems like love in a tough world. Without that convenience, you will feel denied and it will become even more difficult to get rid of the habit.

sugar addiction

Instead, search for an alternative reward system that gives you sufficient benefit to let go of sweet deals. It could be a hot bath, a delicious dinner that is made from healthy foods. This needs to be something you normally look forward to. Getting a massage, getting an amazing book that you will enjoy reading or going out to meet a friend.

Discover methods to take care of yourself to replace the consumption of sugary foods, things that deeply support you without the addiction and effect.

2) Don’t Replace One Addicting Habits With Another

If somebody that has had an issue with heroin or drug, even if it was 10 years earlier, offering them a moderate narcotic discomfort reducer for their knee pain can set off the dopamine-driven substance addiction cycle in their brain. This will speed them back down towards the damaging old roadway notwithstanding the innocence and good intention with which the procedure begins out.

cycle of sugar cravings

When you search for things that offer you the very same convenience or sensation that sugar does, do not make use of evident alternatives like wine or shopping (if spending can be an issue for you). It’s all too simple to trade one addiction or compulsive habits for another and you actually have not altered anything. You can make things even worse for yourself.

3) Opt For Low Glycemic Foods

 If you desire a sweet reward, opt for something low glycemic and healthy. Berries are excellent; it is good to consume huge juicy red strawberries or generous quantities of blueberries (from frozen or fresh sources). They are low glycemic, implying they produce hardly any sugar in your blood and body.

Low Glycemic Index Food to get rid of sugar cravings

They will not activate your substance addiction to sugar, as well as if you consumed a great deal of them there are practically no unfavourable effects.

4) To Get Rid of Sugar Cravings – Don’t Have It In Your House

You should not trick yourself into believing you can withstand having something sweet in your home, it will not last the week, maybe 24 hours.

sugar addiction

If you get tempted at celebrations or gatherings, have your partner remind you of your pledge to yourself any point you wish to say no but can’t help yourself.

If you do not have anything appealing in my home and make it hard for yourself to go out to get it. Force yourself to keep strolling if you’re lured to get hold of something that attracts you at the grocery shop.

This strategy has typically helped a lot of people overcome their sugar cravings.

Get rid of any sweet temptations at house and work. May it be that old Halloween sweet, or the chocolate gift. We cannot manage all the environments we’re in, however, we should endeavour to manage the ones we can,”
Adam Gilbert

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5) Dread the “Just This Once” Phenomenon

The “simply one beverage” lie we inform ourselves is so real. Individuals who have a hard time with alcohol will typically inform themselves, after a stint of sobriety, that they can manage “simply one beverage” because they’ve been doing so well. If you remove sweet deals with, after preliminary extreme food cravings you will discover your food cravings practically vanish and you feel rather contented without them. One day, you may be at a celebration with a tempting selection of decadent desserts, so you have one or even two. The next day, your body is yearning for sugar once again, so you give in, just this once. It goes, back to square one, up until your trousers do not fit once again and you feel unpleasant.

6. Avoid Processed Foods

Sugar and processed foods are as addicting as heroin or drug. In 2014, California was the first state in the United States to put a tax on sugary drinkings. This was done in an attempt to curb a serious issue that has gone out of control.

sugar addiction

Americans take in more soft beverages per capita than any other nation on earth, contributing to our nation’s overinflated weight problems and diabetes rates.

So, as much as possible, avoid processed food and drinks.

7. Increase Your Serotonin

Serotonin, a.k.a. the “joy hormonal agent,” can be raised through diet plan, workout, and the best sleep schedule. You are less most likely to have food cravings for sugary foods when you have plenty of serotonin.

8. Eat Enough Healthy Foods

Consume enough healthy food to please your appetite. Consume healthy, entire food treats like carrots, fruit, red pepper, carrots, dates, cherry tomatoes, dates, and dried fruit to please your sweet tooth.

foods to stop sugar cravings
Brussels Sprouts to eliminate sugar addiction

When you have cleared sugar from your system, your taste buds will end up being more delicate, and these entire natural foods will taste sweeter and more rewarding.

9. To Get Rid of Sugar Addiction Take Plenty Water

sugar addiction - plenty of water

You can also get rid of sugar addiction by taking a lot of water. You might often believe that your body is asking for sugar when in truth it’s dehydrated and truly yearning water! This way, your sweet taste is pleasing, and you will not desire a dessert.

10. Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable

Consume a number of little, healthy Body Ecology meals all through the day rather of 3 huge parts to prevent dips in blood glucose. It is advised that you consume animal protein meals between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., if you must.

Your night meal ought to be among our favoured gluten-free grain-like seeds (quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, or millet). If you do this, your body will make more serotonin, you will feel happier, and you’ll rest far better during the night.

11. Have Plenty of Greens


Packed with nutrition, green beverages assist in improving your energy levels and minimizing food cravings for sugar and processed foods.

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12. Consume More of Sea Vegetables

Sea Vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. Seaweed or Sea veggies can be produced as a healthy treat! They have a high mineral material while consuming anything with sugar instantly diminishes minerals from your body.

A real Body Ecology meal would consist of a part of sea veggies in the meal so as to make sure that you get the minerals your adrenals require.

13. Delight in Fermented Foods and Drinks

Fermented foods and beverages are possibly the most crucial method to lower and even get rid of cravings for sugar. There have been reports from numerous people that it nixes sugar yearnings in about 4-5 days!

You can make your very own young coconut kefir at house with the Kefir Starter and the juice of young Thai coconuts, offered in the majority of natural food shops. Or, consume ready-made probiotic liquids for a fast yearnings repair. You’ll be astonished at how the sour taste of fermented foods and beverages eliminates the desire for sugar and processed foods. And do not forget about cultured veggies– they assist in effectively managing the desire for sugary foods too.

Here’s another huge advantage of fermented foods and liquids: If you do consume something sweet, like a piece of fruit or sweet potato, the probiotics in fermented foods and beverages will consume the sugar, decreasing the damage that sugar would carry out in your body.

Ways to get rid of sugar addiction

14. Meditate To Get Rid of Sugar Addiction

Another way through which you can get rid of sugar addiction is through meditation. Meditation helps to reduce stress. It will help to reduce your cortisol level- the stress hormone, which is also responsible for increasing the blood sugar levels.

In 2015, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital called Sara Lazar found that meditation not just has the power to minimize tension; however it can alter the brain.

meditation-music- sugar addiction

This is made possible because it enhances grey matter in the sensory and auditory cortex. Stress produces the hormonal agent cortisol, which enhances your blood sugar. This is a vicious cycle that harms your adrenals and develops sugar yearnings.

A short meditation before a meal can help you to become relaxed at the time for meals. This means you will have better absorption of adequate nutrients and digestion.

15. Try EFT To Stop Sugar Cravings

If you’re trying to move the desire for sugar, slim down, stop a practice of binging, or remove any substance addiction, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

EFT works on how to get rid of sugar cravings

EFT is a simple tool that anybody can find out in minutes. You merely tap on psychological acupressure points on your body while repeating essential declarations that assist move your body, mind, and practices.

16. Substitute All Sugary Foods With Fruits

Fruits is good for overcoming sugar cravings

Fruits consist of fructose, which is metabolized in a different way than gummi bears– and it’s still a gratifying reward. Go simple on cherries or grapes, which have high sugar materials.

17. Ditch Sweetening Agents To Get Rid of Sugar Addiction

Diet plan soda or sugar-free gum has actually been understood to assist lots of dieters to get through a rough spot, you are encouraged to cut out sucralose, aspartame and saccharine– even stevia– given that huge quantities can make you want sweet food.

To get rid of sugar cravings ditch sweetening

It, in fact, alters your taste buds, so you require increasingly more to feel pleased. Possibly that’s why this a particular Purdue research discovered a link in between enhanced usage of the phony things and weight gain.

18. Handle Your Magnesium Levels Well

Do you specifically crave chocolate? According to Research, it is shown that this reaction may be particularly common to people that are deficient in the mineral magnesium.

Head off yearnings by consuming plenty of magnesium-rich dark leafy greens, legumes, tofu, nuts and vegetables.

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