9. Jada Blitz Training


Jada Blitz training fitness is one of the top gym centers in Buffalo. It is located at 4685 transit Rd Williamsville, NY 14221. Justin and Ashley created and own JAD BLITZ Training center in Buffalo.

Justin and Ashley Draper who is the sole owner of Jada Blitz have invited people in with open hearts to forge a unique partnership that brings boutique indoor cycling to the gym hemisphere. The training center is inclusive, clean, intelligent and motivating, housing status of the art equipment & top-notch fitness professionals that exude positive energy – all of this are perfect fit for those aspiring to life a healthy life style.

Rev@Jada is a boutique indoor cycling and TRX fitness center located INSIDE of Jada Blitz Training in Williamsville, NY, raising the bar on cycling and TRX group fitness. They’re changing clients’ lives one pedal stroke at a time, by merging active lifestyle, social engagement and community good. At Jada they provide fun, safe and high intensity workouts in a clean, inviting environment, with quality equipment, no distractions and lots of energy.

At Rev@Jada, Revolution members now have access to more than forty classes between the two locations own by JADA

Andrews, one of the clients reported that the gym is very clean and practically friendly.

Contact details

Phone number: (716) 568-9057

Website address: jadablitz.com

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