The 10 Best Fitness Centres In Chicago, Illinois

  1. Fits Result


Fits result is one of the best fitness centre in Chicago, IL. It was established and owned by Lou, a certified personal trainer and located at 620 S Dearborn St Chicago, IL 60605 b/t Polk St & Harrison St Printer’s Row, South Loop.

The fits result was established by Lou’s desire to help people meet their various fitness goal. he decided to utilize his wealth of experience in fitness as well as his knowledge and love for fitness to help people through the bFits Result. Fits Result Chicago South operates a variety of fitness classes including bootcamps, group training, personal training amd so on.

It was reported that fits result offers one of the best gym centres in Chicago. They have an array of various fitness program and equipmet that can help users achieve their various fitness goals. ranging from strenght conditioning to functioning training, the coaches available at Fits result are all ready to assist users meet their fitnes goal. They offer small group training with prices from $15 as well as personal training service with prices starting from $130 that will customize a fitness plan suited specifically for you.


A couple of users had some feedback about the fits result fitness centre. Nikki S. from Chicago, IL reported that absolute satisfaction with the gym. She expresses satisfaction with the gym equipment as well as the coaches. Mae A. from Chicago, IL also reported that she has been a member for a year and is not displeased with their services at all. She expresses satisfaction with the calibre of people that works out at the gym.

Additional information about the Fits result can be gotten from the business webpage at and they could be reache with the mobile number (708) 510-6800.

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