9) Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center


The Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center is one of the top and highly rated fitenss centres in Chicago, IL. It is located in 2235 N Sheffield Ave Chicago, IL 60614 b/t Belden Ave & Webster Ave Lincoln Park, DePaul.

It is a recreational fittness centres that offers various workout exercise program run on Campus. They offer services ranging from Personal training, massages, swim lessons as well as fitness schedules. They offer over 65 fitness classes per week and all categories of people with various fitness levels are welcomed.

They have a team of top trainers at the ray meyer fitness and recreational centre who are well certified with a goal to guiding clients to enjoy optimum fitness level.

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Hannah D. from Chino Hills, CA thinks its a very amazing gym with a lot of exciting machines and equipments. She loves the range of weight equipment and workout facilities available. Matt m also thinks very highly of the gym as he has been visiting for months and hasn’t been disappointed. He adores the hospitality of the trainers as well.

They can be contacted via their business website at www.campusrec.depaul.edu and could be reached through the number Phone number (773) 325-4555.

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