7). Galter LifeCenter


Galter LifeCenter is one of the top rated fitness centres located in Chicago, Illinios. It is located at 5157 N Francisco Ave Chicago, IL 60625 b/t Foster Ave & Winona St Lincoln Square.

Being a medical fitness centre, the Galter LifeCenter is a member of the medical fitness centre whose services transcends the traditional fitness as it focuses on medical fitness as well. they partner with Medical professionals at Swedish Covenant Hospital. Their fundamental fitness program provides users to get familiar with wellness in an encouraging and supporting environment at a reasonable cost.


The Galter LifeCenter is basically a Physical Therapy gym with a mission to empower members on basic ways to develop their spirit soul and bosy through a healthy lifestye, sound nutrition as well as regular exercise.

We had a couple of feedback from users of the Galter LifeCenter. Majority of the users expressed total satisfaction with the operations of the Galter LifeCenter. Double L, a user from Chicago, IL expressed his satisfaction with the neatness of the gym as well as their friendly nature of the staff. He also expressed extreme satisfaction with their price.

Users can get more information from the company website at www.galterlifecenter.org and also contact them on phone through (773) 878-9936.

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