Over 50 Health And Lifestyle – Do These For A Healthier Living

Once you hit the age of 50, you apparently need to expect some changes in your body. And we both know they are not the kind of changes you will fall in love with.

However, I believe that knowing about them before-hand will help you prepare and do what you have to do to reduce whatever unpleasant effect this changes are bound to have on your well-being.

  1. Always Be On The Lookout For Lose Rugs And Open Drawers

The reason for this is that you’ll bruise more easily. In fact, you can count on the smallest bump against the wall to generously leave its mark behind.

Why is that?

This is because your skin at over 50 has become thinner and also not able to provide you with the same level of protection like it used to.

Another reason for this is that the blood vessels of your inner skin are now more fragile.

Just keeping your head up as you walk will help.  Unless you don’t mind making use of protective gear against the little knocks from life.

  1. Slather On The Sunblock

over 50 healthWhenever you head outside, I mean. You will also need to drink plenty of water as well.

Here is what not doing this will do to your nails; they will look like they are playing a joke on you.

As you get older, fewer natural oils are being produced by your body produces.

This is definitely good news for people who have once struggled with adult acne. Just can’t say the same for people that now have to combat dry hands, leathery skin and think and/or brittle nails.

If you really are no longer comfortable with this new development with your skin, then it is recommended that you a dermatologist. He or she will be able to show you many treatment options that are capable of making visible difference.

  1. Stay On Top Of Your Hygiene

Expecially since your sweat won’t smell the same.

We all have our individual unique smell. However, there are underlying chemicals that determine the odour of one’s body and they change as you age.

This is caused by the changes in your hormones and sweat glands. There have also been cases whereby the odours were changed due to some medications.

Afraid you will develop the “old people’s smell”? No, and you can brush that fear aside now. There is a recent research at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia.

The research reported that the negative association some people have with the odour of older people is more about these people’s individualized personal fear, which they have when it comes to getting old.

You just have to pay more attention to your hygiene and don’t do too much of garlic or onion. This is because the odours of your foods can travel through your blood stream, which might eventually enter your sweat glands.

  1. Pay More Attention To Your Postures

over 50 healthOnce you hit the age of 50, you might start experiencing unexplainable and annoying aches.

Over 50 people appear to be collecting different body aches like badges. There are reports of inflamed tendons, throbbing back, achy feet and nagging knees among others.

Being over 50 is a decade of your life where you will have to pay a price for your poor postures and forms physically.  This is why you have to maintain engaging in some activities that involve lifting or pushing.

Plus, if you’re struggling with more than one health challenge, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, it becomes difficult for your doctor to locate the exactly root cause of your pains.

That’s why I mentioned earlier that you work on your postures. You can do this by learning the right way to sit, stand and walk. Your doctor can help you find a treatment program that is supportive of your lifestyle, if you are in pain.

Acupuncture is a great way to start. Countless number of times, it has proven to be a very effective relief for most types of pains.

  1. Be Prepared To Shorten Your Pants Length

Yes, shrinking is real, especially for people of the middle-age and it is more common with women.

From the age 40, the spinal column becomes shorter from the age of 40, which is as a result of bone density, usually between 5 and 20%. That’s not all. According to the doctors at Harvard Medicsl School, the disks between each of the vertebra also thin out.

There are also two factors that contribute to this development in women.  The first is the Toss perimenopause, which is a condition that occurs when the levels of the estrogen nosedive.

The second factor is menopause, which results in the inability of the body to rebuilt new bones at the same rate at which the bones are breaking down.  This is another reason why women over 50 are more vulnerable to osteoporoses.

What you can do, besides shortening the length of your pants?

You can adopt Over 50 fitness guide, which provides you with the right nutrition, mindset and workouts that are designed to help you combat sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass in older adults).

You can also get a fitness centre that will help you get rid of any ‘unfit security’ and become a happier customer such as the Baton Rouge, LA fitness centres. They also all have branches at most other cities as well.

Walk more, lift weight and be sure to participate in some daily activities that will help your bone. Just so you know, this is not what cycling or swimming can do for you.  Do some types of daily activity that put stress on your bones.

A little bit of a pounding on your bones will trigger your brain to signal for the addition of new bone cells. Apart from all the above, eat more foods that are rich in calcium, such as almonds, salmon, soy, broccoli and yoghurt.

A daily intake of the vitamin D supplement is also a good idea as it will help your body digest the calcium better.

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