Over 50 Lifestyle – 5 Tips For Work-Life Balance

As an adult over 50, you have so many things calling for your attention. This includes your job, personal life, families, financial issues, aging parents and the aging changes that are taking place in your own body.

Fred Schafer mentioned in his guide, Over 50 Fit, that all these should not be your excuse to not maintain a really great body and quality health at the same time, because you really can.

As a working adult, one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your success is establishing an effective life-business balance.

Not being able to do this can make your health suffer and strain your relationships. You might end up being anxious and distracted. And before you realize it, you will be gaining an extra 30 pounds of fat.

By the time you will realize you need to do something, the effects might already be taking a serious toll on your health. Which is something you don’t want, right?

So, don’t wait until you figure things out the hard way. Take into consideration the following tips and set up the structure of your daily activities and work. You will discover how productive and effective you can be if you took the extra time to follow a regimen of life-business balance and self-care.

One thing doesn’t work for all. With some little tweaks, you should be able to find something that will work for you from the following tips.

over 50 work life balance

  1. Be Healthy

If you are not healthy, it will be difficult for you to inspire and enroll others. Not taking care of your health might not allow you sustain your achievement. So, you should put self-care on top of your priority list.

Eat right and exercise regularly.

Since your soul and body needs to recharge, you have to rest as well. Leave the house to be in nature outside. Read a book. Sleep. Leisurely stroll down the street with no destination in mind.

  1.  Start Small

Almost everybody has been there. New Year resolution that are forgotten by February and diets that fizzle out, among others. It’ not different from what we also experience when we take on a lot too quickly as we try to have a work-life balance.

Being a workaholic at this your age is a recipe for failure. Change some scripts in your life. You know the ones such as always missing family dinners. Start small and you will gradually experience some success.

  1. Be positive  

Instead of entertaining negative thoughts and talks, be grateful. Replace the negativity with gratitude. This is a serious challenge for most people, but you just have to get rid of negativity.

Another thigh you should know is that you have the power to set yourself free from the cycle of constantly having something to beat yourself up for. The time we usually waste on complaining and worrying is more than the time we would have taken us to handle it.

Every time you feel like criticizing yourself for something not achieved of the results of other things in your life, just practice gratitude instead.

  1. Meditate and Exercise

over 50 work life balanceNo matter how busy we are, we still make time for important things in our life. We sleep, eat and visit the bathroom. However, we hardly hesitate to consider including exercise in our calendar.

When it comes to reducing stress, exercise is very effective. It releases endorphins that make you feel good through your body. According to Mayo Clinic, exercise helps to lift your mood.

Try and include over 50 workouts in your calendar. Fitness is a driving force on its own. It can keep you motivated, focused and energized. Taking care of yourself is a sign that you respect yourself, which will encourage others to respect you.

10-30 minutes exercise everyday will do. Medication, yoga and exercise are all the activities you can incorporate into your weekly self-care routine.You can get started at any of the best fitness centres around you.

Self-care helps to keep your body, mind and soul refreshed.

  1. Limit Time-Wasting Activities and People

This is not so hard. You just have to first identify what the most important in your life is.  Everyone’s list can’t be the same. So, make sure yours isn’t reflecting someone else’s priorities, but truly reflecting yours.

After which you would draw firm boundaries, which will allow you devote quality time to your high-priority activities and people.

When you do this, you will discover that it becomes easier for you to know what you need to trim from your daily schedules. If email notifications or surfing Facebook activates time-wasting spiral for you, make sure you establish some rules to keep you on the task. Turn off these notifications and create limited time to reply to them in batches.

over 50 work life balanceA constantly buzzing phone is a serious distraction, which could even get you be addicted. We both know you really don’t need to see that Facebook update this minute.

Find polite ways to diplomatically reduce your interaction with less constructive people, I believe you know these types. Politely excuse yourself from those night drinks with the work gang, especially the night before an important and busy day for you.

By this time of your life, your focus should be more on the activities and people that give you the most reward.

This probably sounds selfish, right? But if you really want to continue being a good parent, spouse and worker, this has to be. This is because the better person you are yourself is the better you will be in those areas of your life.

There are time that you will have to just say no when it comes to balancing work and life. Learn to say no to requests, activities and even an opportunity that doesn’t fit into your schedule for the day.

Even if you have so much time on your hands, make sure you first consider if that commitment you are about to make fits within your values and goals. Don’t say yes simply because you can.

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