The 10 Best Fitness Centres In Cincinnati; Ohio

  1. It’s Working Out – TRX


It’s working out fitness center is one of the successful growing fitness center in Cincinnati; Ohio. It’s working out TRX was founded by Kristen M.

Kristen is an all-round fitness trainer with the following certifications:

BS University of Notre Dam, TRX Sports Medicine Certified, Level 2 Certification, CPR/AED Certified Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, IndoRow Certified,  NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, TRX Group Suspension Certified, TITLEIST Performance Institute Certified, IDEA Personal Trainer Member, TRX Suspension Training Certified, TRX RIP Trainer Certified, Shockwave Certified, Resist a Ball.

Trained Specialties

Trigger Point Foam Roller Certificate, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA Mat Science 1&2 (pilates and yoga), BOSU Trained Instructor, Gliding Disc Trained Instructor


Certified over 20 years, core strength fitness, Boot Camps, Core Strength, Sport Specific Injury Prevention, University of Notre Dame’s cross country and track team member and more.

Not only does Kristen has has it all, other coaches at it’s working out are also certified in related field of fitness.

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TRX Suspension Training is what this fitness center offers. They do revolutionary method of leveraged body weight exercise. They also perform a variety of exercises that build strength,power, balance, flexibility, &cardiovascular endurance. The TRX gives room for hasty transitions between exercises so as to challenge the muscles & cardiovascular fitness in less time. It is said that the gym helps the members to begin controlling how hard they work based on the angle of their workout types, classes are multi-level at the gym center. The trainers help modify regress and progress with achieving one’s fitness goal.

Rose K confirmed on yelp that the gym has some free session just to give room for sense of judgment. Andi B also claimed to have tried TRX but was kind of incomplete to her not until she began following Kristen M.

Contact details

Phone Number: (513) 207-6933

Business website:

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