Slim And Strong Review – Can It Really Help You Create a Lean, Perfect Hourglass Figure?

Welcome to Slim and Strong program review – Advanced metabolic strength training for permanent fat loss, lean muscle mass and great curves.

When did you realize you need to lose weight or lose belly fat? Was it when you started feeling self-conscious or when you start giving excuses to avoid beach parties or when you start being unsatisfied with the person staring back at you in the mirror?

Maybe you just want your clothes to fit better, confidently rock a bikini, stop strategically hiding being people in photos or avoid weight-related health issues to start enjoy the benefits of flat belly.

What do most people do when they realized they need to get rid of excess body fat? Fall into abusive love affair with cardio, become obsessed with eating “healthy” and try several weight loss diets.

However, after waiting and persevering for several months, no massive transformation, no defined arms and no abs. Then they stop caring and ignore the nagging pains in their joints and knees, accepting that what they’ve got is as good as it could get.

Although they couldn’t get to finally sculpt the dream body they have fantasized about, it doesn’t matter anymore.

If you are one of those people, maybe it’s time for you to address it like a medical issue, like Dr. Antonella Kahler did to get results. However, will her approach work for you?

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This review answers the following questions about Dr. Antonella Kahler’s program:

  1. Can we trust the author of Slim and Strong guide?
  2. Is the Slim and Strong pdf work for you?
  3. How does the Slim and Strong pdf download work?
  4. What do you stand to gain from this program?
  5. What are the pros and cons of the Slim and Strong program?
  6. Are there any bonuses?
  7. What will you get when you purchase the program?


Slim and strong programWhat’s The Slim and Strong Program All About?

Slim and Strong is a weight loss program that is designed to help women sculpt a lean, toned and hourglass figure with advanced metabolic training and nutrition guides.

Dr. Antonella Kahler – About The Author of Slim And Strong Program

Dr.Antonella Kahler graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bachelor of Health Sciences program at the McMaster University and later obtained her Doctorate Degree from the University of Toronto. She received $80,000 scholarship for Leadership and Academic Excellence by TD Bank.

She excelled in several courses on Nutrition, Human Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Psychology, and has spoken at education seminars, conferences and other events in Canada and U.S.

Antonella was a military member with the Canadian Armed Forces for 9 years. She also has a history of competing and training in long distance running, dance, body building, crossfit, horseback riding and Olympic Weightlifting,

She used to be overweight for 5 years until decided to approach weight loss as medically after going to several recent research. She has now used the knowledge she acquired, which she has experimented and used to transform herself, to design the Slim and Strong program. The program has also helped her coaching clients to transform their bodies.

Now, she has been a fitness coach for 10 years with a mission to make women to sculpt the body of their dreams and become strong, powerful and confident. She also seeks to help them get rid of myths that are associated with being strong. Myths like being an Alpha woman make you bulky and will scare your man away.

According to her, being an Alpha woman will only make you lean, sexy, feminine and attract a high value partner to you.

slim and strongIs The Slim And Strong Program for you?

If you don’t want to continue with diets with yo-yo diets, severe restriction or doing cardio without result and be able to lose weight, this program is created for you. Also, if your current body weight isn’t that bad, but you just want MORE such as a great female physique, then you can check out the Slim and Strong program.

How Does The Slim and Strong Program Work?

According to Dr.Kahler, from hundred of research studies, there are certain supplements and recommended supplements and on the official website of the Slim and Strong program.

She also focuses on using your hormones to your advantage and making use of advanced metabolic refeed strategies. She included the link to all the studies, some of which are published in the Journal of Physiology, International Journal of Obesity among others.

The Advanced metabolic refeed approach to weight loss requires you to strategically eat more food.

slim and strong groccery shopping guide3 Fat Loss Myths That Dr. Antonella Kahler Shed More Lights On In Slim And Strong Program

  1. Restricting your diet to ‘clean food’ to see weight loss results. She says you don’t have to follow boring meal plans or torture yourself with bland foods.
  2. Doing cardio to lose body fat – according to her, cardio and fat loss are almost synonymous.
  3. The need to suffer to get weight loss result – Desperately wanting to lose weight makes women resort to aggressive diets that leaves them miserable and exhausted, which later make them quit or succeed enough to later gain back the weight they lost because their diet isn’t sustainable.

The Benefits of Slim and Strong Program – Dr- Kahler’s Promises

slim and strong advanced metabolic training

  1. Kahler shared the secret on advanced hormone optimization, which will help you reverse the havoc that your hormones have wrecked on your energy levels, waistline and overall health, which means better strength, increased energy levels, huge fat loss and better sexual performance.
  2. No more endless hours running on treadmill or cheat meals.
  3. You won’t have to put up with food restrictions such as gluten, card and sugar restrictions because Dr. Kahler says they damage your long-term physique.
  4. Kahler’s advanced metabolic refeeds strategies will help you accelerate your weight loss results; boost your hormones and levels of energy.
  5. Enjoy workouts tailored to you, slim down your waistline and create the perfect physique.

does the slim and strong program work?

What Will You Get When You Opt For The Slim And Strong Program?

  1. The Slim and Strong Main Manual – This consists of 3 pillars of the program to help you master your body, mind, training and nutrition.
  2. Slim and Strong Nutrition Guide – It is like a food bible that gives you total control of your diet and nutrition plan to eat the food you love and feel free at social events.
  3. Slim and Strong Grocery Shopping Guide – Consist of an easy-to-follow list to guide you on what you need, food that support your hormones and teach you how to read sneaky nutrition labels.
  4. Slim and Strong Advanced Metabolic Training Plan – This is a step-by-step blueprint of a full breakdown of evidence-based workouts for optimal muscle tone with the exact reps, sets and weights for permanent fat loss.
  5. Slim and Strong Weekly Training Schedule – It comes with an easy-to-follow daily and weekly schedule to ensure accountability and Training Log Sheets to help you track your performance and progress for maximized results.
  6. Slim and Strong Metabolic Conditioning Workout Library – This comes with a whopping 30 extra workouts or you to add some challenge to your recovery days. You will learn how to train the right way.
  7. Slim and Strong Supplement Blueprint – Learn about the few but beneficial supplements towards your goal with critical scientific studies that back them up.
  8. Slim and Strong Post Plan Metabolic Reboot – It teaches how to come out of this program stronger, find it easier to maintain your new weight and become an Alpha woman.
  9. Slim and Strong Bonuses

slim and strong program reviewIs The Slim And Strong Program Time Efficient?

The training sessions in the Slim and Strong program take 30 – 45 minutes of your time for 3 times in a week. If you are someone with a tight daily schedule, you would be super busy and sparing 45 minutes might be too much.

However, since it is only for 3 times in a week, it is not so bad. Or you could try other weight loss programs that required 5 minutes exercise every day such as Lean Belly Detox guide.

Pros Of The Slim And Strong Program

  1. Tailored Workouts – This program focuses on women fitness. The workouts and weight loss approaches shared in the Slim and Strong program is tailored to women and their hormones.
  2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you don’t notice any results after within 4 weeks into this program, you can ask for a refund of your investment in the program.
  3. Great Value For Money– The program is extremely reasonably priced for everything you stand to get when you purchase the program.
  4. Easy To Stick To – Some weight programs are severely restrictive that you will have no choice but to abandon them once you manage to see some results stick. Then the weight you lost will crawl back in.

      5. Slim and strong helps you enjoy the foods you love as well. There is a higher chance of you sticking to this for   a permanent change.

Cons Of The Slim And Strong Program

  1. Created For Women – The Slim and Strong program is designed for women alone. So, men can’t benefit from it.
  2. Digital Products Only – The program isn’t available in digital format for you to download.
  3. It doesn’t state how long it would take you to start getting results.
  4. You will still need to make some lifestyle changes or get rid of habits that make you gain belly fat.


There are many individual reasons why people want to lose weight but what is your own reason? Remember, your reasons have to be strong enough if you want a permanent body transformation. Being on a restrictive weight loss diet can affect your social life and mindset.

Dr. Kahler has good credentials and knowledge about what she’s sharing in her program, considering what we have learned about her. She also shares videos of women who have successfully achieved their weight loss goal with the Slim and Strong program and their testimonies about it.

The Slim and Strong program has great value for money but unlike most click bank products with 60 days money back guarantee, this has 30 days.

Slim and strong program

does the slim and strong program work?

slim and strong guide

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