1. CrossFit Escudo

WpZ4zEjlCrossFit Escudo is a family owned gym. it is located at 1059 Tierra Del Rey, Ste C, Chula Vista, CA 91910 at Canarios Ct , Chula Vista. CrossFit Escudo was founded with the mission of providing a place for the community of San Diego County, where theycan discover health and wellness.

The Escudo fitness centre offers a general strength and conditioning program that is designed to help their members increase their strength in the basic movement of the body and promote normal body movement restoration. Generally, they aim at helping clients enhance the quality of their lives.  They encourage their members to experience fitness in different; get in water, ride a bike, run a race, play Frisbee etc.

Mandy L.
from Chula Vista, CA mentioned in her review that the Escudo fitness centre is an amazing Crossfit gym. According to Mandy, the coaches at the gym are awesome and they each take time to individualize training for their clients. She also mentioned that the gym is more like a family to her and they have an awesome bikini bootcamp.

I A. From Chula Vista, CA said that Crossfit Escudo was his first experience at doing crossfit. According to him, he was initially intimidated because of the kind of videos he has seen on crossfit, which he described as grueling workouts and he was worried he might not be able to keep up.

I A mentioned that Carlos, the owner of the gym, who is also an instructor there is very good and pays attention to each clients. He mentioned that Carlos is a great instructor that also genuinely cares about the fitness goals of his clients and also very knowledgeable.  I A mentioned that he felt outstanding after he left the gym.

Alejandro R. From Chula Vista, CA said Coach Carlos has the knowledge and right attitude to make athletes leave their comfort zone and challenge themselves.  He attributed his breakthough at the gym to the proper instruction and patience of Carlos.

You can contact CrossFit Acro fitness centre on (619) 251-2144 or visit their business website at www.crossfitescudo.com to learn more.

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