1. Body By Bobbie


The Body By Bobbie  is one of the top fitness centres in California. The gym is located at 871 Harold Pl, Ste 106, Chula Vista, CA 91914, b/t Fenton St & Hitachi Way. The Body By Bobbie was established in the year 2007

The Body By Bobbie specializes in Conditioning and fitness classes, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Nutrition programs, Kickboxing, Personal Training, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kids Program K-12, Boxing Competition, BJJ Revolution Competition, Special Needs and trainings that are based on goal oriented performance.

The Body By Bobbie coaches, trains and instruct all individuals with different fitness abilities.
Tiffany G.
from Santa Clarita, CA said if anyone wants a hot body, that individual should check out the Body By Bobbie. He also mentioned that he felt comfortable with the gym right from the first time he started working out. According to Tiffany, everyone at the gym is friendly and very supportive. The Body By Bobbie also focuses on high intensity workouts.

Tony G. from Chula Vista, CA has been taking his teenage sons to the Body By Bobbie for six months now, and he said the gym has staff that is dedicated, an amazing facility and theur method are very organised. The gym also has an awesome relationship with their clients.

Aida G. from Chula Vista, CA mentioned that all her family members visit the Body By Bobbie gym. She said he was overweight and later follows his kids to the gym because they have been going there for sometimes.

According to her, the fitness centre was not judgemental and just welcomed her as part of the community. She claims to really love the gym and all her 5 kids and husband are now members of the gym now.

You can contact Body By Bobbie fitness centre on (619) 651-1862 or visit their business website at www.theinstituteofhealthandfitne to learn more.

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