1. Core Power Training


Core Power Training  is a gym located at 821 Kuhn Dr, Ste 102, Chula Vista, CA 91914, at Miller Dr Chula Vista. The Core Power Training is owned by Lionel Salcido.

Lionel Salcido is a semi-pro athlete. He is a well known and respected trainer of Strength and Conditioning with more than 12 years in the fitness industry. He has worked with athletes of different fitness abilities. Lionel is dedicated to helping his clients achieve the best shape possible.

Lionel has education as his lifestyle. He is always educating himself on fitness by attending fitness classes, fitness conventions, seminars and other fitness-related course all around the world. The Core Power Training specializes in Performance, losing weight, shaping up and every other aspects of fitness.

Breanna M. from Chula Vista, CA was someone that had never had a personal trainer before; she mentioned that the Core Power Training was the wake-up call she needed. She also mentioned that Lionel does an amazing job of designing workout routine that works out every muscle group.

She also like the small class size because she was able to receives personalized attention from her trainers and that gave her which provides her with the best from her workouts. The camaraderie at the gym is pretty amazing and all the staff and members of Core Power Training are very supportive

Tonia S. from San Diego, CA recommends Core Power Training for anyone that is looking for anyone that is looking for a trainer that will push him or her to the next level in fitness.

She mentioned that the trainers at Core Power Training are very good at helping members build strength and muscles, lose weight and fit well into jeans. According to Tonia, Lionel is very knowledgeable and extremely good at what he does, unlike her previous personal trainers.

Ray E. from San Diego, CA claims his workouts with Lionel Salcido which has been going on for more than a year now has allowed him to lose 25lbs and 10% of body.

He has other notable improvements which includes increased strength and stamina. The way Lionel deals with the members is awesome and he has vast knowledge in dealing with all individuals of all fitness levels.

You can contact Core Power Training centre on (619) 852-3692 or visit their business website at www.corepowertraining.com to learn more.

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