The Best Fitness Centres Lincoln, Nebraska

1. Blue Moon Fitness


The Blue Moon Fitness is one of the top fitness centres in Lincoln. The fitness centre is located at 1241 N 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68504.

The Blue Moon Fitness gym was created with the mission of serving the Americans by helping them enhancing the quantity and quality of their lives.

The Blue Moon Fitness seeks to be friendly, helpful, cheap and comfortable enough for even people that only workout once in a blue moon can perfectly fit in. also has the goal of treating their members with love, kindness and respect and they do not believe that the customer is always right but that he or she need to be served.

The gym also strives to provide a well-equipped, comfortable and affordable gym for everyone and in return, they think members should show some respect for the gym, the staff, the facilities and other members as well.

The Blue Moon Fitness are not judgemental about people’s lifestyle but just interested in providing effective solutions for individuals that feel the need for good exercises.

Collin S. from Kearney, NE mentioned in the review that the Blue Moon Fitness offers a great value for the money. He also said the people working at the gym are helpful and friendly.

N N A”. from San Diego, CA however, is not pleased with their customer care service and thinks the gym is awesome for basics.

Not L. from Lincoln, NE mentioned in his own review that the equipments at the you are good but does not seem to like the staff and he does not like the kind og people that hand around the gym.

Molly M. from Lincoln, NE said he like the Blue Moon Fitness because the gym has really helped her to lose a significant amount of weight. She also said the equipments are easy to use and fairly new.

According to her, the precor treadmills at the gym are awesome and are perfect for runners and walkers. Molly also seems to enjoy the atmosphere of the gym and she also like that the gym has space. Crowd of all ages are also present at the gym.

You can contact Blue Moon Fitness centre on (402) 467-4658 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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