The 10 Best Fitness Centres Lincoln, NE

5. Kosama Lincoln


The Kosama Lincoln is a complete boocamp and body transformation program in the community of Lincoln. The fitness centre is located at 3900 Yankee Hill Rd, Ste 147, Lincoln, NE 68516. The gym is being managed by Danielle E.

The Kosama Lincoln is a complete boocamp and body transformation program in the community of Lincoln. fitness centre focuses on helping people with all different fitness levels and experience.

No matter what your fitness level is, whether you are new to exercise and fitness, the Kosama Lincoln seems to have their program designed so everybody can still get the result the still want.

The fitness centre is said to make use proven and safe principles of scientific training to help theri clients get the best results possible and as quickly as they can.

The environement of the Kosama Lincoln fitness centre is energizing and loaded with certified trainers that will push you to get more than you though possible with your workouts. According to reports gathered formclinets review of the Kosama Lincoln gym,their woroouts are also fun, complete and motivating.

Their program takes 8 weeks, after which members will become fitter, stronger and leaner. At Kosama Lincoln , the programs includes a blend of some principles, which are heart zone training, nutrition, muscle confusion and consultation which are geared towards helping members to have lasting results.

Brent S. from Lincoln, NE things Kosama is a great wotkout.he testifies in his review that their program will make any body lose weight and help anybody inertested to gain muscle as well.

Connie S. from Lincoln, NE also agrees with Brent that the workout is great and so are the people at the gym. Their classes include TRX Suspension, Circuit, recovery classes, cardio training, kickboxing and kettlebells.

You can contact Kosama Lincoln fitness centre on (402) 423-5348 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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