The Top 10 Gyms In Newark, New Jersey

1. Club Metro USA


Club Metro USA is an outstanding fitness center located at 18 Oliver St Newark, New Jersey 07102. This gym was established in 2009, to boost physical condition and to enhance living through fitness and workouts. Club Metro is a creation of co-founders Emile Farina and Mike Sullivan

At Club Metro USA, there are fashionable and excellent fitness experiences coupled with unbeatable customer services, rendered in an awesome environment, to create the feel of family. Their services are pleasant, pleasurable, and in reasonable for individuals, group, and everybody.

Club Metro staffs and management are passionate, friendly, motivating and experienced in handling clients and prospective members, on improving their health and making their fitness goals a reality.
Club Metro USA, amenities and services includes: MetroFit studio for fitness classes (an upbeat, positive and supportive environment), Juice bar, Kid’s club, Cardio & Spin Theater and lots more.

Club Metro offers a speedy and convenient way to reduce excessive fat, body weakness and increase your health status through additional nutritious package. They also deal with clients in a convenient way that suite their clients.

At club metro, it doesn’t matter your stand, where you’re coming from or your experiences, you will still be treated as if you have not experience through friendly and closely instructed manner and ever ready trainers. Visit there gym today to have series of life transforming workouts and most importantly, to have fun!

There are a numbers of clients previously visited club metro, whose contribution could be a motivating factors, also to ascertain the fact that club metro is not just a gym but a world class gymnasium. Chesha H. from Newark, New Jersey, articulated her experiences at club metro. She expressed how lucky she was to have discovered Club Metro fitness centre when she proposed for fitness training.

She commended Club Metro’s world-class expertise and their fulfilled facility which triggers clients to always feel at home while they enjoy their classes, under the tutelage of understanding trainers and entire management of the gym… Club metro is a great and complete gym for everyone, she added.

From Hoboken in New Jersey, Samantha J. also shared her experience through a review. Samantha expressed how she was treated in her first day of visiting. How the entire team of club metro treated her as queen. She added that she was given a warm welcome and she wanted it to go on and on everyday… club metro is a great gym with a lot of chances for improvement, she concluded.
For more information, contact Club Metro on: (973) 732 0650 or their business website at:

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