7.      S.I.C.A. MMA and Krav Maga

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They have fitness classes which focus on toning and strengthening your body, whether looking for a new challenge to meet your fitness goals or seeking to amp up your combat training with rigorous physical challenges. Men and women alike will work with our professionally trained instructors who cover a wide variety of fitness styles, ranging from Krav Maga to weight lifting to plyometrics.

They have an integrated system that will prepare you physically and mentally for altercations, where you will learn how to quickly and effectively neutralize threats when necessary. SICA training emphasizes weapons defense, multiple attackers, and unfailing aggression in combat.

New students can expect to learn strikes such as punches, kicks, elbow strikes, and knee strikes; choke defences; basic grappling techniques; weapon disarm techniques; and a variety of other usable techniques. SICA emphasizes immediate instruction in usable techniques.

Fundamentals such as striking and blocking are covered in nearly every class, but quickly put into practice with real defensive techniques, allowing the student to learn fundamentals while gaining experience in defending themselves in a realistic manner. Additionally, they offer fitness classes for those who wish to increase their strength, flexibility, and endurance without focusing on combat training.

SICA is both an acronym, standing for Sibley’s Integrated Combative Arts, and the name for a gladiator’s sword. Adam Sibley designed this system to be the most practical and efficient system available today. Drawing elements from Sanshou, Pankration, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), and former Krav Maga, SICA is a highly dynamic system emphasizing tactical thinking, raw aggression, and realistic training. SICA training is not merely intended to get you in shape. It is intended to give you the skills to stay alive in hostile, violent situations.

Scott L.  From Baton Rouge, LA observed that this is a combative and fitness training at its best. No magical, mystical fluff. S.I.C.A is not the next fad in fitness or martial arts, it is combat science used responsibly to keep you safe when challenged by those that want to take your safety from you.

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