The 10 Best Gyms In Aurora, Colorado

1. Select Fitness


The Select Fitness is located at 22946 E Smoky Hill Rd, Aurora, CO 80016. The fitnss centre was found and now owned by Don C.

Don C has been an entrepreneur for 15 years in the franchise industry. Most of his time haas been spent on franchise development, franchise support and franchise sale. He also provides key strength in Leadership, New Business Developement, Personal development, Team Development, Company Communication, Sales and Executive management.

The Select Fitness are known to provide the best 1 on 1 training privately without distractions. Each ofthe personal training classes are aimed to achieve the need of each members. Their trainers are great and their programs are efficiently directed towards the goals of their clients.

The gym provides membres with a very comfortable environement for working out and members do not have to wait for any machines. The Select Fitness offers Rehab training, Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball. The fitness centre also offers Group training, bootcamp, Pilates, TRX, Zumba, Kickboxing and Vinyasa Yoga.


Amanda P. from Aurora, CO agreed that the Select Fitness is an awesome new fitness place in the town. She tried a free class with the gym and it was nice. She especially liked Kate, one of the trainers there. Amanda thinks she is wonderful. Just after 3 classes at the fitness centre, Amanda reported that she has been able to see changes in her body.

Roy S. from Albuquerque, NM reported that he has been to the Select Fitness centre for few times now and hecould not be more pleased with the gym. He reported that he has noticed an improvement in his tone, endurance and overall strength.


He also thinks the gym delivers value that is best for the price they offer, which is $10. He also mentioned that Jocelyn is an outstanding instructor and he focuses on technique along with positive encouragement. According to Roy, their classes at Select Fitness are well organised. Their TRX classes can also be modified to fitn anybody with different fitness levels.

You can contact the Select Fitness Training centre on (303) 766-0087 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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