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Anytime Fitness Aurora (AFA) is a gym situated at 7420 S Gartrell Road C Aurora, CO 80016. The gym was established in 2005 by Kenneth Filloon and his wife patty.

Anytime Fitness Aurora is a specially designed gymnasium by a passionate and experienced fitness trainer, Kenneth. He has worked with elite athletes for over 30 years and has trained over 3500 clients. He is a certified fitness trainer, fitness nutritionist and exercise therapy.

Anytime Fitness Aurora offers programs and services for their clients’ genetic potential and reaching full potential goals, as well as its clients’ physical and nutritional health objectives.

The gym specializes in training, water massage, elliptical cross-training, weight lifting, squat, and equipments for battle such as polymeric boxes, kettle bells, battle ropes and much more. Anytime Fitness Centre also specializes in performance, shaping up, losing weight among other work out.

They help clients enhances a healthy life style and body management.
Brian H. from Englewood, CO was someone who had experiences in fitness center already; He mentioned that Anytime Fitness Centre was a super nice gymnasium. He mentioned how the staff kept the facility neat and conducive for fitness classes.

He also mentioned that the gym has different equipment/weight and lots of machine. He mentioned that he loved their complementary bottled water given to their clients, observed not practiced in other gym he has visited.

Sharon S. from Aurora CO. articulated his satisfaction based on her personal experience at Anytime Fitness Centre. She mentioned that the gym is great, affordable, and convenient for all fitness needs.

She mentioned the innovation of Anytime Fitness Centre’s less stress classes and cooperative workout classes for clients’ conveniences yet, achieving result.

Jennifer H. from Aurora O. recommends Anytime Fitness Centre for anyone who wish to enhance his/her health and condition. She claims her workout and experiences at Anytime Fitness Centre was more than enough because she cares about getting fit.

She articulated that the way Kenneth deals with the members was great and the amazing staff at the gym, dealing with all individuals through their knowledge in all levels of fitness.

You can contact Anytime Fitness Aurora on (303) 782 9348 or visit their business website at www.anytimegymauroraco.com to learn more.

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