The Top 10 Fitness Centres In Durham, North Carolina

  1. Fitness World


The Fitness World is one of the best fitness centers in Durham, North Carolina. It is located at 105 W NC Hwy 54 Ste 271 Durham, NC 27713, with specialization in Gyms services, established in 1992.

The Fitness world prides themselves as being the Durham North Carolina’s premier health club. They claim to be the leaders in the field of health and fitness training. They offer a great facility and welcoming atmosphere for all and sundry, especially residents around Durham to have a good fitness workout, get in shape, relieve stress and make new friends.

The presence of excellent fitness facility as well as the presence of a variety of fitness program with which members can get in shape makes them unique. Members will have access to a fair membership price, with caring staffs that will pay attention to the smallest details about them and their satisfaction is also guaranteed. They welcome people of all age and lifestyle, regardless of their fitness level into the club. Thus small kids as well as senior citizen, stay-at-home parents, the elderly, etc are all welcomed at the club.


They offer a diversity of fitness equipment and class thus making sure that everyone, irrespective of the fitness level has a place at the fitness world. They boast of a welcoming environment with a variety of professional staffs, highly qualifies in their field with diverse background and experience to take members through the fitness journey. Some of the programs/classes offered at the fitness world are:

Whatever anyone could think of, to make their workout program effective can be found at the fitness world. Pilate and Muscle pump workout classes are not exempted as well. Members have the privilege to enjoy as many classes they desire at no extra cost, it’s all included in the membership fee. Whatever the fitness goal member might have, the fitness world has the capacity to make it a reality.

A couple of users experience gathered by this Anaheim fitness club review established some claims made by the fitness world. Kathryn E. From Greensboro, NC expressed satisfaction with the gym. She affirmed that they’ve got great classes and instructors as well as fitness equipments. Kyle Y. From Durham, NC also expressed satisfaction with the Fitness World. He affirmed the friendliness of the staffs, the clean and well maintained facilities.

Phone number (919) 544-9000

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