The 10 Best Fitness Centres In Durham, North Carolina

3. Rapid Results Fitness

Rapid ResultsThe Rapid Results Fitness is one of the top fitness centers in Durham, North Carolina. It is located at 4125 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd Ste 10 Durham, NC 27707 with specialization on gyms and training activities. It was established by Betsy Collie in 2008.

The Rapid Results Fitness center is solely focused on providing Clients with all necessary resources to make the fitness goal a reality. The fitness centre was established with the sole aim of sharing fitness knowledge with clients and utilizing all experience gathered over the years in delivering solid results in clients. The founder had a unique passion for kettle bell and the fantastic benefit associated with it. They pride themselves as being the only cutting edge kettle bell fitness studio that specializes in group kettle bell classes. According to them, the kettle bell is the only and major workout tool that delivers strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and core conditioning in a single workout. They welcome people of all age, category and level who desire a radically different workout program that burns fat and builds muscle in less than 3 hours per week.


Members will have access to state of the art fitness club that delivers rapid and noticeable results in less time each week. Members will enjoy adequate motivation and support of the entire club environment every step of the way. There is a number of kettle bell workout program designed by the Rapid fitness club for users. There are sport activities that increases stamina, some exercises like the swing and the snatch burn up to twice as many calories per minute than traditional aerobic activities like spinning and newer activities such as kickboxing etc. Members will also experience increased flexibility, muscle harmony and so on.

A couple of users experience gathered by this Anaheim fitness club review established some claims made by the Rapid Fitness Club. JoCasta B. From Pittsboro, NC reported the professionalism of the owner of the Rapid Fitness and her team. Ashley S. From Fountain, CO also reported fast result with the Club. Great staff, awesome group of people attending the classes….Ashley reported.

Phone number (919) 403-8651

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